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3 2 1 Stop -- stop running and start living

Where did all this stuff come from? My schedule is crazy. I don't have time for a life. I need to get away!

Ever feel this way? Society is quick to fill our minds and homes with all the latest gadgets, tools, methods, and organizational tricks, but what happens when it all doesn't fit?

3-2-1 Stop is a how-to memoir of learning to love simple living. Lorilee uses personal stories, as well as tips learned along the way, showing how to create a life that makes space for what is most important. Embracing minimalism, she tackles and teaches how to make the hard decisions of simplify the home as well as the schedule. She understands that a full life, really doesn't need to be that 'full' at all. Beyond that, Lorilee addresses the hidden emotional hoarding that keeps our souls running.

3-2-1 Stop is comical, practical, and refreshing. Take a step back, step off the track for a few minutes and savor the moment.

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Meet The Author
  • Lorilee
  • I am loving simple living. My family and I embrace simplicity, minimalism, intentional living as well as travel, home schooling, and healthy cooking. I would love to have you join with us in the journey. more
"This is a deeply personal book that shares the story of a family taking back control of their home and life. I was fascinated by Lori's description of her journey to less stuff and the lessons she shares from it. This is a great resource for those new to the idea of minimalism and looking for a practical way to apply it to their home and life." -- Rachel The Minimalist Mom 
"3-2-1 Stop is a good place to begin if you need some motivation to cut out the clutter in your home and in your life. The story of how Lorilee and her family started down the road to minimalism is inspirational and thought-provoking, and there are useful tips on how get going on your own journey. I tend to be a pack-rat, and after reading this book and doing some soul-searching I feel like I'm finally ready to start clearing out my closets and gaining some control over my possessions, and hopefully my time and my life as well." -- Amy
"In 321 Stop -- stop running and start living, author Lorilee Lipincott sets out to show how her family simplified their home and life. In her eloquent words, "How can we capture that sense of simple?" She does. And, she shares how anyone can. With simple steps her own family took, this guide is organized so the reader may make the same positive changes—finding greater contentment in a less cluttered home and life. Simply. " -- Heather Word Playhouse - New York Times Best Selling Illustrator
"I have been a simple living blogger for two years and yet I still found lots of tips and ideas for simplifying all aspects of life while reading 3-2-1 Stop. In fact, the book not only teaches how to get rid of tangible clutter, but also how to simplify our emotional clutter. There are many things that made 3-2-1 Stop a standout, but I think what impressed me most about the book is the simple, conversational tone in which it was written." -- Amanda Amanda Bretz.com
"Lorilee’s book about simple living is truly what we all need a good dose of. She goes step by step in how we can go about simplifying our lives by getting rid of the unnecessary and bringing in the necessary. As an organizing blogger, this is truly one of the things I tell my readers over and over. If you don’t need it, it needs to go. Needs versus wants – and teaching your children at the same time.  She is motivating and truly gets your thinking about what is important. Keeping our lives simple and clutter free will make our minds relax and enjoy what is going on around us."  -- Becky Organizing Made Fun
"This is not a one size fits all book on minimalism and simplicity. 321-Stop helps you to first, and most importantly, define what your ideal version of simplicity will be. In fact, the first step Lorilee has you take on this journey is to imagine your perfect life. She then continues to refer you back to that vision as you work through the steps she carefully lays out. I've been living a simple life for many years and have read countless books, but I still found many new ideas that I hadn't come across before and plan to implement. 321-Stop isn't just about how to get rid of your stuff and declutter your home, it's about how to create YOUR vision of the perfect life including the things you own, how you spend your time and money and so much more. This book is for anyone who needs helps recreating the life you've always hoped for but that has somehow slipped away."  -- Anne Never Outgrow Your Car 
"Most people intuitively know that having less stuff and eating healthier food will improve their lives. But where to begin? And how far to go? In 3-2-1 Stop: Stop Running and Start Living, Lorilee gives concrete action plans on how to declutter and get to know yourself in the process. I found her closet-sorting method extremely powerful and implemented it immediately. What a difference! I actually feel lighter now, like I've lost weight. Lorilee writes from her own strong faith in God and enthusiastically encourages each person to find a vision of joy and simplicity that works for them." Debra Later Bloomer 
I just finished 3-2-1 STOP (Stop running and start living) and it really made me stop and think. I’ve been a fan of decluttering and simplifying for a while now, but Lorilee’s book took it to another level. What am I wasting my time and money on that could be better utilized? It inspired me in more ways than one. Not only does she talk about physical objects needing to be cleaned out of our lives, but also wasteful ways of thinking. I don’t know if I would do everything the same way she did it, but it’s definitely got me pumped to make some changes in my life. I also really appreciated her Christain perspective, so refreshing to see that there are people out there like her and her family. I will be reading this book again as a reference to my own simplifying. Thank you so much for sharing what you have learned Lorilee! - Kate Flowers
"3-2-1 Stop" is one of the very first books that guides you through the whole process of getting rid of stuff without that self-destructive feeling. Lori has managed to create a process that takes into account not only your physical stuff, not only the things laying around in your house, but your whole environment, be it your home, yourself, your past and your future as well as your soul. If you are starting in your minimalist journey, this is a must read. It will empower you to win your battle against stuff." -- Alex of Enso Journey
"From the moment I sat down to read 3-2-1 Stop I was hooked. Literally, from page one I was already imagining what my home and life could look like if I took control of the "stuff."  I was so inspired to hop up and start going through closets and yet I was glued to my seat wanting to read more. I was torn! While "minimalism" isn't for everyone, I think anyone can learn a lot about themselves from reading 3-2-1 Stop.  I appreciated the positive approach that came with each step in simplifying. The book was clear and concise, direct but not judgmental, and I appreciated the focus on changing yourself first then leading by example. If you are looking for a great guide to simplifying your life or need a jump start to help clear out the clutter then 3-2-1 Stop is for you! " -  Jessy At Peace With Crazy 
"I've been reading it, devouring it. I think I'm in dire need of it! I love the very practical tips on how to simplify. This isn't just a 'change the way you think and everything will be better book'-- 321 Stop actually gives you step by step instruction on HOW to make the needed changes in so many areas of life. As I'm reading, I am de-cluttering and really beginning to simplify. I've got a long road ahead, but a good guide getting me there." -- AmyMom's Toolbox
"3-2-1 Stop is a great look at how one family changed it all in the name of simplicity. Full of great tips, 3-2-1 Stop proves useful as Lorilee gives advice based on her own experiences. For those that are concerned about moving towards a simpler life, 3-2-1 Stop is a realistic account of how you can turn life around. The proof is in Lorilee's honest account and journey." -- Megyn Minimalist Mommi
3-2-1 Stop is all about simplifying and I LOVE that! It’s what I’ve been trying to do (very slowly) for some time now, and it has me really excited about it because it walks you through the process step by step, in a straight forward way, by someone who has lived it! It can be done! I am excited to have begun my own journey toward less, and therefore more- of what I really want! -- Heather Raising Memories
"When I picked up the book 321-Stop I wasn’t aware how much I needed to simplify. With gentle kindness and an extreme dose of humor Lorilee Lippencott holds the mirror up to our stuff induced lives, all the while bringing us a tool-kit to get control of it again. Three important areas of one’s life are the focus of this awe inspiring book.  Your stuff, your time, and your head. It’s your choice whether you do a little or a lot of down-sizing. Interspersed are personal stories, favorite reads, and so much encouragement. This little gem of a book is all the motivation you’ll need to de-clutter and simplify your life. I just love this book and know I will return to it again and again. Each time around and through this inspiring read will unveil a little more of “me” and my life that’s gone missing. " -- Amazon best-seller Valarie Budayr is author of The Fox Diaries
“3-2-1 Stop is what I wish for myself and the people I love! Feeling overwhelmed and surrounded by stuff doesn't feel good and reading 3-2-1 Stop will help so many people accomplish the goal of living a simple life and start enjoying more freedom.” -- MarizaMy Own Version of Life
"3-2-1- Stop is a book that is right up my alley. I love this book by Lorilee because it is about a topic that I had recently implemented into my own life. “The Art of Simple living.” Simplifying our lives is one of the greatest gifts that we can give ourselves and Lorilee's book is full of wonderful stories of how she went from a complicated life to one of simplicity and ease. I highly recommend 3-2-1- Stop for anyone who wants to lead a simple life free from all the daily trappings that most of us have found ourselves in." -- Justin Mazzastick.com 
"3 2 1 Stop is no-nonsense, practical, and fun way to begin your journey of  - 'stop running and starting living' .  Her book includes minimizing in three important areas in your life: your stuff, your time, and your head.   I lived a "normal" middle class life, with all the "normal" stuff and too, as Lorilee describes in her book, felt like I was drowning.  As I have been able to let go of the culture lies of "buy more, have more, be happier"; I can see that less truly is more.  But Lorilee's book doesn't just stop with the stuff, she takes you deeper--looking at the information we allow into our lives and our thought life about the past, present and future that "clutters" up our minds.  As you peel away the outer layers of "the stuff"--it is amazing what you begin to see in your life that is stealing your joy and freedom to truly live!  Lorilee's witty writing style and personal experiences make this book so fun to read!  You'll feel as if your sitting down with Lorilee and sharing conversation over your favorite cup of tea.  You'll find her to be funny, insightful, and motivating.  I can't recommend her book enough" -- Kari
"In 3-2-1 Stop, Lori Lippincott provides a first-hand account of how her family's life was accumulating too much "stuff", both mentally and physically. Decluttering the physical space around you makes room for clearing out those things clogging your mental space as well. She gives us some specific, actionable ways to simplify our lives and get back to what really matters most: mutual connection, family, spirituality." -- Tom Tom Pinit.com
“I found 3-2-1 Stop to be an excellent book for getting right to the point, with practical ideas and experiences to help anyone to reduce the clutter in their lives, whether physical or non-physical!  While I had already implemented many of the suggestions within its pages, I found many wonderful ideas to implement in my own journey to living a less-cluttered life!  Anyone interested in stepping out of the rat race and into a lifestyle where you are more in control, versus ‘things’ in control of you, will be greatly benefited by the reading and applying of Lorilee’s practical ideas‼” -- AK
"In 321 Stop, Lorilee lays the ground work for decreasing the tendency to run around without any meaning and to really start living our one beautiful life in this world with purpose and intention. In a world filled with noise, many of us are in dire need of coherence and silence in the mess. Whether it's simplifying your home or taking care of the self, 321 Stop will help you find that much needed clarity." -- Nina Castles In The Air
You know how sometimes when you read something, it’s like you have the author sat next to you with a hot cuppa tea, whispering her secrets into your ear? Well 3-2-1 Stop was like that for me. And then rather than racing through it from one chapter to the next, I was surprised to find myself stopping along the way to actually put stuff into action. A rare feat for a serial book worm like me! And this is probably the best testament I can give Lori … reading this book will make stuff happen! -- El
"321-Stop was the wake up call I needed. After living a year of simpler living ( so I thought ) I realised there was so much more I could do. Lorilee speaks to you like a best friend, confidante, big sister and mentor..321-Stop gave me the impetus to realise there is so much more to life than rushing from one appointment to another. Thank you Lorilee." -- FrancescaTasmanian Minimalist
"Reading 3-2-1 Stop is like sitting down with a good friend over coffee to evaluate your life and make a plan to simplify. Lorilee is full of wisdom, but this isn't a lofty manifesto that leaves you wondering where to actually start. Instead, she offers tons of practical tips and ideas for actually simplifying...your stuff, your day-to-day life and yourself!" -- MandiLife Your Way.net 
"3-21 Stop is a must-have for anyone who wants to finally take control of all the "stuff" in their homes and in their lives. Lorilee's book is inspiring, informational and instructional without being preachy...and her writing style is friendly and fun.  I have already used this book to declutter parts of my home and I'm so excited to keep going with it!" -- Maggie Midwest Sewing Girl
Can a focus on simple living help you live your values and strengthen your relationships with family and God? Yes, I think so. Intentional living, with an eye toward "living" and not "stuff," puts the focus on experiences, relationships and your own values and dreams. In 3-2-1 Stop, Lorilee shares her experiences in simple, intentional living and gives plenty of tips and tricks to help even the most chaotic family take charge of creating a life together that has purpose, meaning and fulfillment. -- Sandy Kreps Modern-Simplicity
"Our lives, both inside and out, can be a cluttered mess. Lorilee keeps a light heart over the subject and brings humor to some things we hold on to. The way her ideas are presented gives the bitter task of simplifying an over-full home and heavy-heart that spoon full of sugar to let the memorabilia sorting go down. Reading “3-2-1 Stop” is a journey you take with Lorilee to a happier, less jam-packed lifestyle. It’s not a “do this” book, but a story with a hug of encouragement should you choose to tackle the same changes in your own life... And a few lists for suggestion should you wish to get started." -- Shelly P
"I thouroughly enjoyed reading 3-2-1 Stop. I blew through the book rather fast with its witty charm, creative ideas and practical tips. I have gained a vast amount of informtation I can not wait to apply to my own life. Everything Lori teaches makes perfect sense, and she does it in simple easy steps, covering every aspect of a fullfilling life. Lori's lifestyle and the small consistent changes she has made is inspiring. After reading 3-2-1 stop, I'm thinking that maybe I really CAN live the simple life. Lori has helped me to see the vision. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a change in their life, whether it be peace, direction or a little less chaos." - Danielle The Best of PA 
"Lorilee Lippincott’s simple living book: 3-2-1 STOP: stop running and start living is a fresh, personal guide to simplify your life by ridding yourself and your family of material clutter, so you can open up a space for spiritual fulfillment. Lorilee’s book is a balance of practical organizing tips and Christian spiritual guidance. Lippincott shares her journey in such an organized and enthusiastic way that she makes you believe that getting rid of things is really not that hard...that it is actually a fun adventure." -- Diane Balch  Simply Living with Diane Balch
"Are you drowning in *stuff*? I am. For most of my life all I wanted was more. More electronics, more clothes, more books and DVD’s. More. Then, a few years ago, my thinking began to change. Instead of more, I wanted less. Less square footage to clean, fewer toys underfoot, less junk entering our lives because we felt bad saying no. But where to begin? Enter 3-2-1 Stop; a book about simplifying your whole life; not only your stuff, but also your thinking. It is just the right mix of instruction and personal story. Lorilee is able to explain the steps to a simpler life in a matter of fact, no-nonsense way. 3-2-1 Stop allows you to take a look at your whole life, and what you want to accomplish. What is important to you? She is not saying get rid of everything you have ever owned (although some may want to by the end of this inspirational book!), instead, she is giving you permission to let go of what may not be healthy in your life. I think anyone that may feel overwhelmed in life would garner a great amount of value in reading this book." -- Heather Townsend House 
"It is hard not to get motivated to simplify my life after reading this book!  I can't wait to start simplifying!"  Brenda E.
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