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    [TA] Closed BETA Showmatches

    Tribes Ascend is a new game from Global Agenda developers, Hi-Rez Studios

  • 2

    [QL] JeeSports

    JeeSports events in both Quake Live Duel and Quake Live TDM

  • 3

    [QL] fnatic MSI Beat-IT

    The fnatic MSI Beat-IT LAN final in Quake Live Duel that took place at DreamHack Winter 2009

  • 4


    Find a selection of Level Up TV’s favourite frag movies from a range of different games in this playlist.

  • 5

    [QL] House of Quake TDM League

    The House of Quake TDM League is a community run league of more than 50 teams.

  • 6

    [QL] ClanBase EuroCup XXIV

    ClanBase EuroCup is the grand daddy of online esports tournaments especially in Quake

  • 7

    [QL] ClanBase Nations Cup XIV

    ClanBase Nations Cup is the grand daddy of online esports NATIONAL tournaments especially in Quake.

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    [QL] Showmatches

    The Quake Live Showmatches are the games that just don’t need tournaments to be great.

  • 9


    The tutorials should hopefully give a few hints and tips on the games we cover

  • 10

    [QL] DreamHack Summer 2010

    DreamHack is one of the premier LAN events for gaming in the world

  • 11

    [TF2] ETF2L Showmatches

    Level Up TV not only covers Quake Live, and here is the evidence

  • 12

    [WSW] Stickmen Warsow Duel Championship

    Warsow is another of those fast paced FPS that Level Up TV just love to watch

  • 13

    [QL] Zotac Quake Live 1v1

    Zotac Quake Live Duel events have been running on a weekly basis for the past 2 years

  • 14

    [QL] We’re Talking It

    The original chat show from Level Up TV, featuring Disrepute and vor

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