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Lorilee Lippincott

 Lorilee Lippincott is a child of God, wife, mom, writer, minimalist, travel lover and wanderer. She graduated with a 4-year degree in International Studies with an business emphasis.

After playing in the business world for a few years, she left to take care of her kids and work with her husband on entrepreneurial projects. She is now working on the life-long degree of finding her own life, firmly believing that life is too short to try and live up to other people’s or society’s expectations. Lorilee has been searching for what she values and considers success. Everyone’s ideal life is different, but very few people dream of living in a cubical, climbing a ladder, making more money, and buy more stuff that just breaks and fades, in an attempt to impress people they don’t even know or like.

In her book, 3 2 1 Stop — stop running and start living, she talks about stripping away expectations and habits that reflect others instead of you. With a laid back, easy tone, she addresses material clutter, not as a way of cutting back or denying yourself, but as a way to free up your life and space for what you truly love. Going beyond material clutter, she also addresses over commitment, time, money, and other areas of clutter and stress that crowd out the life we want to live.

Far from having life figured out, Lorilee shares in her book what she has learned and invites you to join her in the journey. She would love to get to know you through her blog Loving Simple Living, Twitter (@LoriLippincott), Facebook, and Google +.

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