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Join Baba Dez as he tours Europe as part of his 9-month journey around the globe interfacing with all the world's great teachers and practitioners.
This is a week-long training to support and further the Sacred Sexual Healing Arts and its practitioners, trainees, and seekers. Training starts immediately following the ISTA Sex & Consciousness Conferences
ISTA Conference of Sexuality & Consciousness Educators
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ISTA World Tour

Phoenix Rising: Dawn of a New Era

The ISTA World Tour delivers updated talks on the inspirational Fully Integrated Spirituality, Traversing the Cutting Edge of Sacred Sexual Shamanism and Sex Magic; Manifesting Your Deepest Desires.

2012 ISTA Australasia Conference of Sexuality and Consciousness - Byron Bay

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2012 ISTA Australasia Conference of Sexuality and Consciousness - Byron Bay
Byron Bay - 10 Feb 2012 - 12 Feb 2012

Location:  Byron Bay Community Center


About ISTA Australia

Invitation to Present 

ISTA Australasia Tour 2012

Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioners Training

Level II SSSPT - Practitioners Deep Training


The focus of this conference is on sexuality as a vehicle for consciousness. This is an educators’ conference.  It is aimed at all who teach, work, heal and facilitate in the areas of sexuality and consciousness.  The conference is also for those who aspire to become facilitators in these areas.  Whereas some participants may be working directly with sexuality in their professions, others may be working more widely with consciousness, including consciousness in sexuality.

This year’s theme “Planetary Synthesis: Ethics, Freedom and Love”, promises the community an exciting journey into the fundamental issues of consciousness and sexual freedom.  

Conference Aim and Our Vision

Benefits of Attending

* Peer to peer networking opportunities
* Global network with growth opportunities
* Knowledge base and supplemental information to enhance your practice
* Collaborative marketing opportunities  

Great Exposure for your Art and/or Service
This is a great chance to be seen and meet your peers as well as an entirely new target audience of seekers. The conference will be opened to the public.


Download the Conference Program Here...

Registration and special pricing

Contact: or +1 928.282.8511

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