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Join Baba Dez as he tours Europe as part of his 9-month journey around the globe interfacing with all the world's great teachers and practitioners.
This is a week-long training to support and further the Sacred Sexual Healing Arts and its practitioners, trainees, and seekers. Training starts immediately following the ISTA Sex & Consciousness Conferences
ISTA Conference of Sexuality & Consciousness Educators
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Australia Tour
Australia - Asia
Feb-Sep 2012
North America Tour
North America
April-Oct 2012

South America Tour
South America
Jul 2012
European Tour
Jul-Nov 2012
Africa Tour
Nov-Dec 2012
Asia Tour
Mar-Dec 2012


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ISTA World Tour

Phoenix Rising: Dawn of a New Era

The ISTA World Tour delivers updated talks on the inspirational Fully Integrated Spirituality, Traversing the Cutting Edge of Sacred Sexual Shamanism and Sex Magic; Manifesting Your Deepest Desires.

ISTA World Tour

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ISTA World Tour
Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, South America, US
from 07 May 2010 to 31 May 2013

International School of Temple Arts presents



Phoenix Rising: Dawn of a New Era

Back by popular demand, Baba Dez will give updated talks on the inspirational Traversing the Cutting Edge of Spiritual Sexual Shamanism and Sex Magic. details here...


What to Expect in Private Sessions,  link to details here... Most of our practitioners are available for private sessions while touring a city near you.  Contact the area coordinator hosting events or call +1 928 282 8511 for information.



Upcoming ISTA WORLD TOUR Dates/Cities:

 Dec 7-31, 2011  India


 Jan 2012

 12-17 Jan - Feb 2012 Baba Dez in Perth

View the Perth Schedule Here


19-24 Jan  Baba Dez Melbourne Tour  View the Melbourne Schedule Here

19 Jan, Traversing the Cutting Edge of Spiritual Sexual Shamanism

20 Jan,  Fully Integrated Spirituality

21 Jan, Radiance and Consciousness

 25-30 Baba Dez in Sydney

Wednesday 25th January 6.30 till 10.30pm - Fully Integrated Spirituality parts 1 & 2 -
Friday 27th January - Sex Magic Ritual -
Saturday 28th and Sunday 29 January: Radiance and Consciousness,

31 Jan-2 Feb Newcastle: Fully Integrated Spirituality and Traversing the Cutting Edge of Spiritual Sexual Shamanism

Feb 2012 

3-6 Feb  Brisbane

Feb 7, 2012  Byron Bay - Traversing the Cutting Edge

Feb 8, 2012 Byron Bay - Fully Integrated Spirituality

 Feb 10-12, 2012 4th Annual ISTA Australia Conference of Sexuality & Consciousness – Byron Bay
 Feb 14-19, 2012  Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioners Training - Byron Bay (instructors Baba Dez, Andrew Barnes, Janine McDonald, Robert Silber)
 Feb 21-26, 2012  ISTA Australia SSSPT Level II - Byron Bay (instructors Dez, Tri, Taj)


Mar 2012 

March 9-16, 2012 ISTA Next Generation Teachers Training - Island of Moturoa New Zealand
To book ISTA NZ tour events:
Phone: 021 996 864 or 04 897 0990 (landline)
Mar 17, 2012 Fully Integrated Spirituality - Auckland
Mar 20, 2012 Christchurch 
Mar 21, 2012 Nelson
Mar 23, 2012 Wellington 6.30-10.30pm
Mar 26, 2012 New Plymouth
Mar 27, 2012 Tauranga Traversing the Cutting Edge of Spiritual Shamanism

Mar 29, 2012 Opening Talk for the ISTA NZ Sex & Consciouness Symposium, Mount E

Mar 31-Apr 1, 2012 ISTA New Zealand Sexuality & Consciousness Symposium - Auckland at Blockhouse Bay Boat Club, 10-5pm each day.

Apr 3-9, 2012 ISTA New Zealand SSSPT Practitioners Training – Auckland (instructors Baba Dez, Janine McDonald, Bruce Lyon) at Bella Rakha Retreat Centre, Oratia


April 2012


Mar 28-Apr 1, 2012

Bali Spirit Festival Ubud- ISTA Faculty will be in attendance and available for sessions and demonstrations


Mon-Fri Apr 2-6, 2012

Private Sessions and talks  TBD


Fri Apr 6, 2012 ($25 or free with Symposium Registration)

7pm - 10pm, introductory evening talk and ritual with Margot Anand at Gaya Fusion, Ubud


April 7, 2012  ISTA Asia Tantra and Conscious Relating Symposium at Gaya Fusion - Ubud, Bali

April 9-15, 2012  ISTA Sacred Sexual Shamanic Practitioners Training - Mountain Retreat Bali

(instructors Baba Dez, Lark Maria Magdalena da Fonseca (Lady Lark) and Robert Silber



May 2012 

Apr 30-May 26, 2012 Apprenticeship Sedona

May 3, 2012 ISTA International Festival of Sexuality & Consciousness Films

May 3, 2012 VIP Puja with Charles Muir 8pm-10pm

May 4, 2012 Save the Temples FUNdraiser 7pm-10pm
May 4-6, 2012 Sedona ISTA Conference of Sexuality & Consciousness
May 7-13, 2012  Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioners Training - Sedona (instructors Baba Dez, Crystal Dawn, Lawrence Lanoff)

May 15-20, 2012 Level II Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioners Training and Integration Rituals (Instructors Baba Dez, Triambika, Bruce Lyon, Deborah Taj Anapol)


Jun 2012 

June 2012  West Coast Tour




July 2012 


Jul 4-10, 2012 Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, SSSPT Level I


Aug 2012 



August 2012

7-12 Aug Osho Leela Festival of Tantra & Conscious Sexuality

14-19th Aug  London SSSPT, OSHO Leela  (Instructors Baba Dez,  Andrew Barnes, Triambika)

25-31 Aug SSSPT Oslo (instructors Baba Dez, Triambika, Matt Sinbad)


Sep 2012 

Sep 1-8, 2012 Corfu, Greece - Tantra Heart Gathering

Sep 1-8, 2012 Auckland NZ - Tantra Heart Gathering

Sep 10-16, 2012 Melbourne AUS - ISTA SSSPT Level I Training (Instructors Bruce Lyon, Janine McDonald, Andrew Barnes)

Sep 17-23 2012 Prague SSSPT(instructors Baba Dez, Triambika, Saharin Amenti , Martina Strecka)


Sept 28-30 2012 Copenhagen - ISTA Europe Conference of Sexuality & Consciousness


Oct 2012 

1-7 Oct Copenhagen SSSPT (instructors Triambika, Deborah Taj Anapol, Matt Sinbad)
19-21 Oct San Diego Fall Conference/Symposium


Nov 2012

Nov 18-24, 2012  Israel - Haifa SSSPT Level I (instructors Baba Dez, other instructors TBD)

Nov 25-Dec 1, 2012 Israel - Haifa SSSPT Level II



Nov 2012

Dec 7-9, 2012  4th Annual ISTA Africa Conference of Sexuality & Consciousness - Cape Town


Dec 2012 

Dec 10-16, 2012 Cape Town SSSPT (instructors Baba Dez, Crystal Dawn, Bruce Lyon, Deborah Taj Anapol)



May 3-5, 2013 - ISTA Conference Sedona

May 3-31, 2013 - ISTA Apprenticeship Sedona

May 6-12, 2013 - ISTA SSSPT Level I

May 14-19, 2013 - ISTA SSSPT Level II

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