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  • Want to win a pair of Gypsy Soule Boots?
    (1634) 10/24/2011

    That’s right Gypsy Sisters win a pair (your choice) of our winter boots!  How awesome is that.  Here is one of my favorite pair.  This pair is GSB-Soule and can be found at any Gypsy Soule dealer or online at Gypsy Soule along with all of their other styles of winter boots

    How do you win?  That is the most important question isn’t it.   It’s simple.  Tell your friends about us.  Yep that’s right, send them to the site and have them post your name in the comments section of THIS post, they can only post your name once per person.  The person with the most referrals wins the boots!  This contest will end on Friday October 28th at midnight.  I will announce the winner on Saturday!  So get on Facebook, send out an email, shoot a text to your girlfriends and get ready to win a pair of these awesome boots.


  • Sam's Top Tens #10
    (6) 10/25/2011

    Before I even begin to give you my must haves, I’ve gotta give you my number one rule of make-up:  It comes off!  It’s color, it isn’t concrete!  The greatest thing about make-up is the way it makes a person FEEL when they wear it.  It can transform your attitude from soft and sweet to edgy and fierce.  It is all about personal preference.  While there are facts about color theory, there are NO rules.  Yes, a shadow with an orange undertone will bring out blue eyes, but that’s not to say a purple or green shadow wouldn’t look beautiful on blue eyes.  Never believe that something isn’t allowed.  I believe in the power of  balance and technique.  Anything applied correctly will shine and a face that is balanced will never look ‘wrong’.  When doing your make-up each day, find your star and let it shine.  If it’s a day for your eyes to be your focal point, keep your cheeks and lips subtle so that those eyes aren’t fighting a red lip and pink cheek for the spotlight.  Balance is key!  That being said, I’ve been known to throw caution to the wind and balance out the window, to serve up drag queen realness, if the mood moves me.  The most important thing to remember is to have fun!  Now for my #10 must have….

    10.  Highlighter

     The ‘dewy’ look hasn’t been out of style since the supermodels of the 90′s RIP.  While women still love a matte finish, dewy skin rules the runway and is always my answer to giving a youthful finish to any age.  Highlighting is, basically, faking hydration.  Highlighters come in liquid, cream and powder forms.  You can choose your formula based on type.  Dry skin is flattered most by cream or liquid, normal skin is flattered by any of the three, and oily skin tends to do best with powder.

    These products come in subtle to bright colors, but for a daily look, pick one a shade brighter than your skin tone.  The light reflecting shimmer in the product will bounce off the light, blurring texture and will give a smoothing effect.  This effect produces that ‘dewy’ look.  You’ll want to apply highlighter to all the high points of your face, of course if your skin is oily, go easy on the areas you tend to be most shiny.  I apply highlighter (liquid, cream OR powder) using a flossy brush, as anything too dense will apply too much product, leaving you looking frosty.  Apply the product softly on the high-points of your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and bow of your lips for a universally beautiful look.

    My favorites are MAC cream color base in HUSH and MAC mineralized skinfinish in soft and gentle.  Make sure and come back to find out what’s next on my top ten!

    -Sam M. 




  • Military Jacket - Amy Style
    (0) 10/25/2011

    Military Jackets are going to be seen everywhere this fall and winter.  I have to say it is one of my favorite trends from way back so I am opening this familiar trend with open arms!!  I remember in High School when I stumbled upon my Dad’s Olive Green field jacket from his National Guard days.  I loved it because it had the patches from when he wore it ~ loved the name patch  !  It soon became one of my favorite jackets that I still sport on occasions.

    We are seeing a lot of men inspired clothing being translated into sexy self assured women designs – the military jacket being one of them.  I have even heard this trend being called “military chic” – which I find fitting for the runway and everyday military jackets that we are seeing.  Many are going back to the more 20th Century uniforms worn by our servicemen – part of me can’t help but wonder if this is our way of remembering the troops that protect us everyday across the world in this crazy hostile environment we live in?  Although, quite sure they wouldn’t bling it up the same way I did mine for my market run last year.  Oddly enough, although I am known more for my hippy gypsy looks, this one came across a little rock’n’roll – & I liked it!  Definitely didn’t run into anyone that had the same thing on – LOL

    The styles we are seeing today are reminiscent of the 80’s jackets with the strong emphasized (I didn’t say shoulder pads) shoulders, big collars, decorative buttons.

    How would I suggest to wear them ~ anyway you feel comfortable girl!  I am planning on using mine with just about every pairing you can imagine!!

    Black tight leather leggings with tall over the knee riding boots and the white wife beater tank – thinking I might throw in some of the large large blingy silver hoops and killer coctail rings.   Possibly my superwoman cuff

    Frilly white petticoat & slip inspired skirts

    Holey old boyfriend jeans cuffed up with my scuffed up cowboy kickers and probably my good ole Willie Nelson red bandana headband – I will use more of my leather and concho bracelets and my turquoise and silver Indian earrings and rings


  • Gypsy Sister Profile: Paige Duke
    (8) 10/25/2011

     You have seen her, you know you have.  Paige Duke is our first Gypsy Sister Profile, why Paige?  Paige is definitely a woman who lives life by her own rules.  She is currently on CMT’s Sweet Home Alabama vying for Tribble Reese’s love and before that she was one of NASCAR’s Miss Sprint Cup Ladies.  Paige has had a tough year and has come out of it on top and shining bright, and helping others learn from her experiences. She is a graduate of Clemson with a heart of gold.  She is currently a National Accounts Manager for Kruger Farms, a Soule Sister for Gypsy Souleand a ‘professional sweetheart’.  I have spent quite a bit of time with Paige on the phone recently and let me tell you that professional sweetheart thing is no joke, she really is THAT sweet, naturally you just want to hate her because she is just so beautiful, but instead you just fall in love with her genuine spirit.  We asked Paige to answer our Twenty Questions and here is what she had to say.

    1.  Why is it important to live by your own rules? 

    You live by your own rules to stand out in this world. I have always been true to myself- what you see is what you get. If someone tells me I can’t do something I will go out of my way to prove them wrong! It gives me a sense of empowerment and makes me interesting. I’ve always learned my lessons the hard way haha! Non-conformity leads to a life full of excitement and living the life you dream about. I know what I want to get out of life and I’m not afraid to take risks. What’s so great about a normal life anyways?

    2.  If your house was burning what is the one item you would grab before leaving?

    My rescued Pit Bull mixes Annie and Moosey

     3.  What are the beauty products you can’t live without?

    Bronzer, lip gloss, mascara

     4.  Where is your favorite place to shop?

    Gypsy Soule-duh!  LOL Urban Outfitters, Buckle, Cavenders

     5.  When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up and why?

    I wanted to be a veterinarian and a model. I have always loved animals and wanted to bring every stray home! I also wanted to be one of the girls I saw on magazine covers- it seemed so glamorous and a good thing to throw in the face of those “mean” boys Lol!

    6.  What women do you admire and why?

    Miranda Lambert!!! She is one bad chick! She’s beautiful, tough, so relatable, and makes girls feel empowered!

     7.  What is the hardest thing about being a women in your industry?

    For the past year and a half I was a spokesmodel in the NASCAR industry, I now hunt and fish for a living and travel the country as a spokesmodel for other companies. I guess you could say I have anything but a normal job. As you can see most of these industries are male-driven! Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be able to do anything the “boys” could do. It’s sometimes tough being taken seriously and being seen as more than just a “pretty face.” I have to work extra hard to prove I am a smart, courageous, independent young women who happens to love a good time! It’s also tough to pursue any type of relationship because I travel all the time and am never content- I’m always looking for the next best thing!

    8.  Have you read any books lately that you would recommend to us?

      “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” series and “Something Borrowed”

    9.  Pet Peeve?

    Not being able to put my thoughts into words, when people go to take pictures and can’t work the camera, people burping out loud

    10.  What charities are you involved in, why should others become involved with those charities?

    I’m involved with animal rescue charities. This is such a fulfilling charity to be involved with and really tugs at the heart. I am a huge animal lover and helping an animal find a loving home is an incredible feeling.

    11.  What is the most memorable day of your life?

    Being hired as Miss Sprint Cup for NASCAR was the most memorable day of my life. I would finally get to travel the country and work in a sport I loved!

    12.  What’s on your DVR?

    I don’t have one Ha ha! I know that’s bad- my little town needs to get up to speed. I enjoy the ID channel, CMT, and of course any sports channel!

    13.  What’s on your IPOD?

    Lots of country and rock music! Miranda Lambert, Eli Young Band, Zac Brown Band, Saving Abel, Aaron Lewis, and some Texas Country

    14.  Favorite Cocktail? 

    Crown and Ginger!

     15.  After a bad day what do you do to wind down?

    I snuggle with my doggies and drink some wine!

    16.  After a good day what do you do to celebrate?

    Head out to supper with my family or friends and go out for a good time!

    17.  If you could have dinner with any four people alive or dead, who would they be?

    Miranda Lambert, Dale Earnhardt, Marilyn Monroe, Jesus

    18.  Favorite thing to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon?

    Watch college football or sit on the couch with my doggies!

     19.  What do you see as your biggest challenge in life?

    Accomplishing all my dreams and being satisfied. I’ve never been one to have a normal job or stay in one place for too long. There is so much I want to do and I’m constantly chasing something new, always looking for something better.

     20.  What is the best advice you have been given, and who gave it to you? 

    To Hold my Head up High and have faith in the Lord. When the whole NASCAR scandal came about I did not know how I would make it to the next day. My family, friends, and a whole bunch of fans told me to Hold my Head High, be proud of who I am, and to show them what I am made of. I learned to be courageous, tough, humble, and thankful. I have endured the most embarrassing thing that could have ever happened to me and am still trying to come out stronger. I hope I can set an example for other girls out there! I have faith the Lord will put me where I need to be. Make sure and check out Paige on Thursday’s on CMT’s Sweet Home Alabama and follow her on her website here.

  • Holiday Bonuses - Cash ins't your only option!
    (0) 10/25/2011

    The topic of Christmas/Holiday bonuses makes a lot of business owners break out into hives and understandably so.  It’s the Holiday Season and of course you want to do something for your staff, but are cash bonuses the answer?

    This will completely depend upon you and the state of your business.

    Do you give merit bonuses or sales bonuses throughout the year? 

    If so then a holiday bonus may not be a viable option for your company and your employees should understand that, given that they have the option to work hard and earn their bonuses on a regular basis throughout the year.  You may also want to time your merit bonuses around the holiday season, but be sure to still refer to them as merit bonuses as to avoid the whole “hey his was bigger then mine” fiasco.

    Should employees expect holiday bonuses? 

    No, no one should expect bonuses, they’re bonuses an added extra.  However, this is more complicated than that.  Most employees expect their employer to do something for them around the holidays and it is typically derived from their past experience with your company.  So in other words if you have always given one then they will expect it.  As my mother likes to say “don’t start something you aren’t willing to continue”.  There are of course uncontrollable influences, bad economy, downturns in sales, things that may make it impossible for you to do as you have always done.  As much as it sucks to have to tell your employees that have been with you through the good and the bad that you won’t be able to give them their normal holiday bonus, you should bite the bullet and tell them.  They will appreciate the heads up and the honesty.  The last thing you want is for Majorie in accounting to have anticipated her yearly bonus and come December 22nd, not have her kids christmas gifts bought, because she has been with you for ten years and she always gets a bonus.

    There are also other options out there.  You will never be able to please everyone and although common sense would tell us “who can complain about cold hard cash” inevitably someone will.  Someone is going to complain no matter what you do that’s just the way it goes.  You can do things a little differently for your staff.  Close down from Christmas to New Years and the staff can continue to get paid.  So it’s like an additional paid vacation.  Some business owners obviously can not close down the entire shop, but for the most part most businesses are slow this time of year, so there might be some opportunity to run on a skeleton staff, work shorter days or close down for some of those days.  With enough advance notice and posting on your part, anyone you do business with shouldn’t have a problem with it.  If the holidays are your busiest time of year, maybe giving your staff time off after the rush is an option.  We host a really nice holiday party for our staff with a White Elephant Christmas, the catch being we provide all of the gifts.   These aren’t your grandmother’s white elephant gifts, we have been known to include great gift certificates from some of the staff’s favorite places to shop and/or massage-spa certificates.

    You can also treat your staff to a shopping day or shopping half day.  NO ONE likes to shop in a crowded mall, so let your staff, one by one, take a day or half day to get some of their shopping done.

    In the small business environment most employees should realize that your not Bill Gates and the economy is rough, so bonuses may be smaller or non-existent all together.  The important thing about ‘Holiday Bonuses’ is that your staff feels appreciated, be it cash, a gift card or a holiday ham a happy staff makes for a thriving business.  In the end you can not afford to be Santa Claus, but you do not want to be Scrooge.

    Now for those of you on the receiving end of the holiday bonus debate, try to be understanding and gracious with whatever your employer decides to do for the staff, it’s a tough economy out there and in some businesses not giving a bonus may save someone’s job, open up a new position, or fund much needed growth for the company you work for.


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