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The Pinterest Challenge!!

03/07/2012 By Editor 13 Comments

In honor of our newest obsession, we are going to have a Pinterest Contest!

First off…the prize.  A pair of the new Gypsy Soule & Ariat Boots.  You can choose which pair you would like.  (please keep in mind we will have to order your boots once you win)  Click here to see all of the styles. 


Show us your Gypsy Sister Soule on Pinterest, inspire us.


Create a new board on Pinterest titled Gypsy Soule.  

Your board must have at least 15 pins and FIVE must include Gypsy Soule products.  

Once you have created your board and you are satisfied with it, email a link to your board to

ALL ENTRIES MUST BE EMAILED, no links in the comment section will be entered.

Amy & Lorinda will pick the winner and it will be announced Tuesday March 20th.  All entries must be in by Friday, March 16th at Midnight.

Only one entry per person, if you enter twice the first entry will be the only  one that counts.



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Congratulations Rachel H.!!!!!!

03/05/2012 By Editor Leave a Comment

Congratulations go to Rachel, for getting it right!  She picked Milla’s Dress for Amy and Jessica’s Dress for Lorinda!

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Oscar Fashion Contest

02/27/2012 By Editor 28 Comments

So how did you like the Oscars?  Did you watch?  Did you see all those fabulous dresses?  Well we did and we LOVED a lot of them.

Amy and Lorinda like to play a little game when they travel.  They buy a bunch of magazines and go thru and pick out celebrity looks for each other.  I love this game, and have gotten surprisingly good being able to pick out outfits for each of them and be right!  I was even right about my Oscar picks, now let’s see if you can pick them.  Amy & Lo each picked six dresses they loved, but one of them they loved the most.  Here are Amy’s Picks…

And here are Lorinda’s…

SO here is how you play the game.  Pick out one dress from each set that you think would be Amy & Lorinda’s Favorites and email your choices to  Make sure and tell me who you picked each dress for.  If there is more than one person that gets them right, the winner will be chosen at random from the winning entries!  Good Luck!  Contest ends Friday at midnight and will be announced on Monday!  The winner will get some awesome Gypsy Soule Bling!!!

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Congratulations Becki D!

02/14/2012 By Editor Leave a Comment

The winner of this week’s contest is Becki Duncan.  Check your email Becki!!!!

Thank you to all who entered we have over two hundred entries and it was truly hard to choose just one.  Here is Becki’s entry.

Right before I lost my husband he went to a Randy Rogers show in Ok. He called me after the show and told me about a new song Randy had played. He said “it was so cool Becki, it reminded me of you. You would love this band” I had forgotten all about the conversation until my brother brought me the Randy Rogers Band cd. The song “One Women” is now my favorite as well as the band. There hasnt been one day since then the kids and I havent listened to RRB. It is part of our morning ,breakfast ritual. It has been very comforting. Over the years, I have gone over the last conversation. It was like God was giving me   comfort well before the tradgedy even happened. I am so glad I mentioned the conversation to my brother.




I don’t need empty love words comingfrom somebody

That’ll never love me like you do

I dont need to feel a warm touch from somebody els ’cause

No other touch could be so true

They can’treach me ’causeIm tied to



One woman, you for me

I know that your all I’ll ever need

forever, beside you spending my life

Loving one woman


Well everything about you insie and out is perfect

Over the edge I always fall

Everytime I see you the way I feel reminds me

The world I knew seems so small

‘Cause now with you, I hae it all




Back when I was selfish

I thought I needed more, but that road led me nowhere

And I’ve closed that door

Now I live for



You for me

I know tht your all I need

spending my life

Loving one woman

Loving one woman


It’s been four years, and I am smiling and crying now.


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