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Updated 06/11/12

Updated 05/18/12

The Perils of Pandora
Updated 06/11/12

Pandora Of The Jungle
A Prole By Any Other Name
Whistling In The Dark
If All The World Were Apple Pie
The Sloth In The Hat

the Sketchbet experience...

Nine different stories...

Updates sporadically.

Because you asked for it...
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Professor Longhairs
Points At Stuff

What will the Professor
point at next time?

Denver Comic Con is over...

And was a huge success for everyone I spoke to, including me - not that I speak to myself 'cause that would be weird. Thankyouthankyous to everyone who stopped by the table, next-door table peoples and those who took time to talk at their tables. Because of the con I must apologize for not having the newest Forty Winks or Gypsy pages up - I will catch up soon. See everyone next year, next con is NDK in September. Thanks...

Pencil, May 2012.

Forty Winks - The Perils of Pandora...

Hokay, we're back.

Pandora updates Mondays, usually.

Ardra at ardracomic.com...

Ardrienne is a competitor in the Miss Comic Genesis thingy this year, and we did a 4-page Q&A set and two pin-ups for the competition. Click on the pic to see the Q&A at the Ardra site, while there please click the link there to the competition and vote for Ardra's wacky cousin. Thanks...

Gypsy! right here at the GGP...

Gypsy updates every Friday. Usually.

Comics of
major coolness
  • Agents of the
  • Alone In A Crowd
  • Beyond The Canopy
  • Brightest
  • Doodling Around
  • Explorers Of The
  • Fajita
  • Godseeker
  • Intrepid Girlbot
  • Love Me Nice
  • Namesake
  • Nemu Nemu
  • Out There
  • Subculture
  • Tattered
  • The Class
  • Tree Lobsters
  • Wapsi Square

Conventions And Such...

Denver ComicCon, Denver
June 15th to June 17th
at the Denver Convention Center.
Artist Alley.

Nan Desu Kan, Denver
September 14th to September 16th
at the Marriott Tech Center.(Likely)

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Gypsy! Vol. 1, only
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