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Featuring the whimsical artery of Jake Roth, fellow Squidworks guy and one of the people I draw with every Wednesday night at the Enchanted Grounds Coffee Place and Gameporium. Jake's work will be seen a lot on the next hundred pages or so...

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    Everything Is Coming Up Rose
  • 1.) A Funny Thing
  • 2.) Pretty Little Picture
  • 3.) Ziggy Played Guitar
  • 4.) Door Of Perception
  • 5.) Gladiator Ballet
  • 6.) Armwrestling A Dragon
  • 7.) High In Her Tower
    There Are Giants In The Sky
  • 8.) Sitting On A Fence
  • 9.) After The Sky
  • 10.) Semper Ficus
  • 11.) Isn't It Nice To Know A Lot?
  • 12.) Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig
  • 13.) Guys N' Dolls
  • 14.) My Name's Gypsy (What's Yours?)
  • 15.) So... What Is Mama Doing?
    Putting It Together
  • 16.) You'll Never Get Away From Me
  • 17.) There Won't Be Trumpets
  • 18.) The Right Girl
  • 19.) I Owe Iowa
  • 20.) Share A Story

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