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 Stripping Dignity is the true story of a young Eastern European girl turned exotic dancer with a twist of humor and sarcasm. Anna, a teenage runaway, decides to take her chances and make it on her own, away from abuse at the hands of her father. Ill-equipped for the complexity of life ahead, Anna ends up alone and destitute in Austria. When she meets her future husband, Victor, Anna is easily persuaded to opt for a fresh start in faraway Canada, away from everything dear and familiar.

Things become even harsher and more complicated with the arrival of a baby and the young couple struggles to make ends meet. When Anna accidentally stumbles upon an opportunity to make a living as an exotic dancer, she grits her teeth and takes the bull by the horns. After a predictable divorce from her premature marriage, Anna raises her daughter as a single mom and works her way up from a stripper to the club’s manager. Take an inside look at the adult entertainment industry and meet the colorful characters Anna encounters throughout her two decades in the business.

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