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One day while in meditation in the late 1980’s Anna (also known at St. Anne), appeared to Claire and said that no one knew her story. She asked Claire if she would be willing to write the story of her life as Anna.

It took Claire ten years to finally be ready to fulfill that request. This is the remarkable book that emerged out of that promise to be the conduit for Anna sharing about her life and experiences.

Anna, Grandmother of Jesus

Meet Anna, the extraordinary woman who birthed a Spiritual Lineage that changed the world!
Learn of her use of cellular rejuvenation to achieve remarkable life span of more than 600 years.
Discover missing pieces of history concerning whom she, Mary and Jesus really were, what they did and the unknown places they went
Understand the important role of the Essenes at Mount Carmel in supporting the holy family and the other crucial participants in the Christ drama
Witness the challenging and demanding initiations required of Anna, Mary, Jesus and the disciples to complete the crucifixion, resurrection & ascension
Be opened to the activations and messages that bring the feminine principle into your daily spiritual life completing your “path of initiation” begun long ago
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Anna, the Grandmother of Jesus

By Claire Heartsong
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Anna, Grandmother of Jesus

Hear From Anna’s Own Lips, Those Intimate Feelings and

Family Life Details That Only a Feminine Heart Could Share

About Those She Loved and Taught

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of Jesus and Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes together at a $4 discount.




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