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The latest version of Winamp for Mac Sync Beta is available to download today from Winamp.com. This latest update of Winamp for Mac Sync Beta allows greater music management features, play queue enhancements and will allow future releases to be updated automatically.

Play Queue Window
The new play queue window allows you to view and edit your current play queue track listing. The play queue window is collapsible by toggling the play queue button underneath the volume control. This allows you to hide your listening tracklist while managing your music for Winamp for Android syncing or creating new playlists. The new play queue also allows for drag and drop. We are excited to bring this uniquely Winamp feature to the Mac desktop.

Drag and Drop
Drag and Drop support in Winamp for Mac Sync Beta makes music management easier by allowing you to drag and drop tracks from your music library to any playlist, device or play queue. You can also reorder your play queue with drag and drop within the new play queue window.

We've also taken a big step in this release to allow for automatic updates to be pushed to Winamp for Mac. Auto-update will allow future releases of Winamp for Mac to be made available without needing to download the latest version from Winamp.com. The Autoupdate will show you a notification within Winamp when a new version of Winamp for Mac is available. A simple restart of Winamp will give you the latest features to manage your music on your Mac and Android.

Growl and Notification Support
The notification shown in the auto-update is part of additional in-app alerts provided in the new Winamp for Mac. Notifications will also appear when tracks are added to your music library or a device. Additionally, Growl, a popular notification system for Mac, is now supported. A Growl notification will appear on every track change telling you the latest now playing track by displaying the track name, artist name and album name. You can customize how your notifications appear in Winamp for Mac through Growl.

Additional Watch Folder Support
Managing your music on your Mac has been expanded by adding support for non-HFS drives and non-standard iTunes library paths. This makes it a lot easier to use Winamp for Mac when you music library lives on an external hard-drive or networked device.

Introduction of Release and Beta Channels
For users who would like to keep up to date with the in-progress developments of Winamp for Mac Sync Beta, we have introduced a Beta channel that allows our latest developed features to be used and tested before we make it available for full release. For more information about accessing the Beta channel visit our new Winamp Labs section and give us your continual feedback to help us keep Winamp the Ultimate Media Player.

Additional Keyboard Shortcuts
New keyboard shortcuts have been added to aid in managing your music library. These new shortcuts include:

- Command - A: Select all the songs in the list
- Delete: Remove selected rows from a playlist or Music view
- Shift - Home: Select all rows in a playlist or music view, upward to the first row (including the currently selected row)
- Shift - End: Select all rows below (and including) the currently selected row in a playlist or music view
- Escape: (When search field is focused) Clear the current search terms

Fixed Items
The 0.7.3 includes various fixes including:

- Track transfers not working upon device connection termination until application restart
- Tracks longer than one hour showing incorrect time in metadata
- Crash due to issues with media metadata querying
- Transfer queue and history moved to Device detail page

Download Winamp for Mac Sync Beta today.

Download Winamp for Android.

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