Purdue Football Honoring Neil Armstrong with Helmet Decal
See the Winking 'Demon Star' in Night Sky This Week
Google Celebrates 'Star Trek' Birthday With Fun Doodle
Want to Name an Asteroid? NASA Needs Help to Christen Near-...
SPACE.com Call for Entries for Space Gadget Awards 2012
Photos: NASA's Mighty Eagle Lander Prototype Flies
Mars Rover Curiosity's 1st Month in Pictures (Gallery)
Sun Erupts With Spectacular Plasma Prominence (Photos)
Photos: Asteroid Vesta and NASA's Dawn Spacecraft
One of These Is Not Like the Others
Latest News About Mars Science Laboratory, NASA's Newest Mars Rover
Vote Now! Top Space Stories of the Week - Sept. 2, 2012
How the Voyager Space Probes Work (Infographic)
Camera on Curiosity's Arm as Seen by Camera on Mast
Human Spaceflight
Former US President Bill Clinton Backs Interste...
Spaceflight between stars is significantly harder than between planets in our solar system.
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  • NASA Dropped ATK's Private Space Taxi Proposal over Technical Concerns
  • Neil Armstrong, Who Stood on Moon's 'Sea of Tranquility,' to be Buried at Sea
  • Space Shuttle Exhibit Homes Topple Trees, Top Out Building
Private Spaceflight
Private Manned Mars Mission Gets First Sponsors
Mars One plans to fund most of its activities via a global media event, something akin to "Big Brother...
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  • NASA Clears SpaceX for Private Cargo Delivery Missions
  • Private Space Plane to Launch from NASA's Kennedy Space Center
  • Private Space Taxi Builders Pass Key Milestones for NASA
Science & Astronomy
Amazing Mars Rover Shifting Into Science Gear A...
After one month on Mars, NASA's Curiosity rover is shifting into Martian science gear.
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  • 'Quantum Teleportation' Beams Information Farther Than Ever Before
  • Mars Rover Takes Longest Martian Drive Yet
  • Ancient Knots Keep Mars Rover's Laces Tied on Red Planet
Search For Life
Disintegrating Alien Planet Has Comet-Like Tail
The planet may be completely gone within 100 million years or so.
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  • When Did the Universe Have the Right Stuff for Planets?
  • Newfound 'Tatooine' Alien Planet Bodes Well for E.T. Search
  • SETI's Alien Search to Get Cash from New Start-Up
Perseid Meteor Streaks Over Medieval Castle in ...
Photographer Sebastian Voltmer took this striking photo of a Perseid meteor over an Austrian castle.
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  • Photographer Snaps Amazing View of Sun with Hot Telescope
  • Moon Dances Close to Jupiter, Ceres & Mars This Month
  • Northern Lights Blaze Up After Big Sun Storm
Tech & Robots
Supersonic Flying Wing Nabs $100,000 from NASA
A futuristic aircraft resembling a flying ninja star can turn 90 degrees in midair to go into superson...
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  • Space Elevator Project Shoots for the Moon
  • Tiny LunarCubes Could Explore Moon on the Cheap
  • How a Mars Sample Return Mission Can Go Electric
Apollo 16: Exploring the Highlands
One of the astronauts on Apollo 16 left his family on the moon.
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Apollo 15:...
Astronauts on the moon take the lunar rover for a spin.
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Apollo 14:...
Alan Shepard's return to space was marked by a tough climb and...
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Caroline H...
Caroline Herschel was the first woman to discover a comet. She...
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William He...
Astronomer William Herschel discovered the planet Uranus and 2...
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Apollo 12:...
The Apollo 12 crew needed to land close to their target area t...
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Would Fmr. Astronaut's Election To Congress Hel...
In part two of our interview with Jose Hernandez, we ask what made him want to run for congress, what he hopes to accomplish there, and his opinion on the future of the manned space program.
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Curiosity Sniffs, Drives and Tes...
The Mars Science Laboratory took in samples of ...
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Strong Flare And Earth Eclipse S...
NASA's Solar Dynamic Observatory (SDO) caught a...
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NASA Tests Orion's Parachutes | ...
On August 28 NASA dropped a special dart-shaped...
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Satellite Tracks Hurricane Lesli...
On September 5 NASA's GOES-13 satellite capture...
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Spectacular Sun Spitfire Capture...
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), Solar
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