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    Aug 16th 2010 6:00AM
    DMOZ Planned System Outage Notification, Round 3
    Over the next three days, we will be making additional upgrades to DMOZ. As with the previous planned outage, we will be taking some parts of the directory offline so that we can complete the work. While the directory content will stay on view throughout the process, all directory submissions will be disabled from Monday, August 16 - Wednesday, August 18, 2010. The following functionality will be unavailable throughout this planned outage:
    • Site suggestions,
    • Site update requests,
    • New editor applications,
    • Editor & staff feedback, and
    • Public abuse reports.
    Neither the Resource Zone public forums nor the DMOZ editor forums will be impacted by this outage. We will provide any additional updates about this outage to the public via this blog.

    Thank you again for your patience as we work to upgrade the DMOZ directory!

    Posted by Emily Kayser | Comments (57)
    Reader Comments(Page 1 of 3)

    1. Hello

    I would like to ask you about how long to get a submission reviewed by an editor. I posted mine back in June and it is not listed yet. Could you please tell me?
    Sorry to ask you this question here, but do not know where I could
    Good luck with your upgrade

    Many thanks


    Posted at 4:39AM on Oct 26th 2010 by Barbara

    2. That is really not relevant to the post at hand.

    Go to Resource Zone at where you will find that question and others answered many times.

    Posted at 3:13PM on Aug 16th 2010 by laigh

    3. Dmoz is realy ultimate resource of knowledge...
    seo news

    Posted at 3:10AM on Aug 17th 2010 by web connect

    4. The date last edited on pages has reverted back to 2008. Are you correcting them?

    Posted at 8:26AM on Aug 23rd 2010 by XYZ

    5. I tried to search and got no results and then I tried to submit that URL but could not find a submit button. I may have already submitted this many months ago. Any ideas? The date today is 8/25/10 so should be much after your upgrades.

    Posted at 3:29PM on Aug 25th 2010 by Phil Stone

    6. How can i add our factory website to link here?
    Thanks a lot!

    Posted at 8:40PM on Aug 28th 2010 by

    7. I am finding it hard to sujest a new site for submission in any catagory, I am not sure if the site feature is still disabled?
    I have a social networking cam2cam site it is a site that is free, the only adverts it carries are those listed by the members. it is not a porn site or adult based. so im at a loss has how to list my siteon dmoz.

    Any help let me know all the best mart

    Posted at 2:15PM on Aug 29th 2010 by mart

    8. For many, many years, I have sought to find someone to correct the false, misleading and incorrect description you at DMOZ have insisted on propagating. I have unfortunately, not been able to find any person, organization, company, or site operator who actually "manages" DMOZ. It appears to be a rogue group of ill-minded "editors" who choose what they like or not and then push that information onto the internet, leaving the victims of their actions with no recourse.

    The description of my company you are propagating is FALSE.

    "Classes worldwide in internal martial arts and Wudang qigong. Professor Yuzeng Liu and Terri Morgan. Multilingual site. Overland Park, Kansas."


    We never ever gave consent to have our names used in any listing. In fact, we were never so much as asked if this listing could be published, let alone serve as the sole description of our company.

    We were NEVER only located in Overland Park, Kansas. We have always maintained several locations, including China. We are no longer in Overland Park, KS and have not been there for 8 years.

    We conduct research, provide business consulting services and teach classes. We have always engaged in these activities.

    I have repeatedly for many YEARS requested the following be used as the description of our company. It is accurate (whereas what you are propagating IS NOT TRUE!

    Background information and resources for students of traditional wudang internal martial arts. International business consulting services.

    Theresa M. Morgan, President/CEO
    Wudang Research Association

    Posted at 8:04PM on Aug 29th 2010 by T. Morgan

    9. I think it is good.

    Posted at 5:43AM on Sep 2nd 2010 by yoyodresses

    10. Its Interesting ! Dmoz is realy ultimate resource of knowledge.For ODP editors, they sky's the limit in terms what they can do. The ODP a particularly fun and interesting place.

    Posted at 7:09AM on Sep 2nd 2010 by shampa

    11. i hope my site will get listed.

    Posted at 12:23AM on Sep 4th 2010 by ahheng

    12. I would like to submit your site to the DMOZ directory, will be how to operate

    Posted at 4:06AM on Sep 6th 2010 by dvdbestonline

    13. i hope my site will get listed.

    Posted at 2:29PM on Sep 8th 2010 by Nikita

    14. I hope my website will be confirmed

    Posted at 2:24AM on Sep 12th 2010 by mhuang

    15. I hope the our website can get lised. And how domz crawls, indexes and serves the web? Tks

    Posted at 11:30PM on Sep 10th 2010 by airmaxnikeshoes

    16. Hello,

    I have the same question.I would like to ask you about how long to get a submission reviewed by an editor. We add our url link several mounths ago and it is not listed yet. Could you please tell me? It is very important for us.

    Many thanks


    Posted at 7:56AM on Sep 11th 2010 by Luba

    17. Good luck on the upgrades, and thank you for all the hard work in keeping DMOZ going!

    Posted at 4:59PM on Sep 13th 2010 by Jason

    18. Nice topic .. :) :) Thanks you for always upgrades . DMOZ is the best.

    Posted at 11:43PM on Sep 13th 2010 by anika

    19. I want add my websiteto DMOZ!
    Who could tell me where to submit!

    Posted at 6:08AM on Sep 14th 2010 by fashiongirl

    20. Helli,
    I want add my website to DMOZ.
    Could you tell me how to submit?
    Many thanks


    Posted at 6:08AM on Sep 14th 2010 by fashiongirl

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