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APS » Journals » Stay informed with APS Alerts

Stay informed with APS Alerts

 RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are updated several times a day and are an ideal way to stay current on a range of topics. Please visit the APS RSS Feeds page for a list of our feeds and additional information.

Email Alerts

Most of our email alerts will send you the tables of contents of each journal's issues as they are completed. We also offer a weekly alert for the new content appearing in Physics, our free weekly publication that spotlights exceptional research. To sign up for these alerts, you will need to create an APS Journal account. Please visit https://publish.aps.org/signup to do so. Once you have activated your account, you may sign up for alerts by visiting the Alerts tab on your account's home page.

Personalized RSS Feeds and Email Alerts

You may create personalized RSS feeds and email alerts directly after doing a search on our journal search page. Please note you need an APS Journal account to save your searches.

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