About Noa

Anyone can be funnier than your Mom, but only the truly exceptional can kick MeMaw’s ass. I’ll happily be that person.

I’m a comedian, a writer, a blogger, a performer, and a laugher-at-everything. 

I’m on a mission to make you laugh, and to brighten your day a little bit. I’m on a mission to share a little of the joy that sarcasm and good comic timing can bring. I’m on a mission for you, bitches. I bring you my own brand of funny, and I introduce you to others who will make you tear up with laughter. I’m your one-stop shop for the funny.

You can find more of me:

  • Some of my greatest funny here
  • You can troll for tail at the League of Funny Bitches.
  • Also, you can email me at noagavin(AT)ohnoa(DOT)com or by clicking here
  • I also blog for NickMom, Funny Not Slutty, and MamaPop
  • I’m in a Sketch Comedy Team called HorribleSketch and Atlantic Pacific Billy
  • Twitter: @OhNoaG
  • Facebook: Noa Gavin
  • The League of Funny Bitches on Facebook

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