Keith Mallinson is an ICT industry expert with WiseHarbor, the consulting firm he created in 2007.

His abridged article in FierceWireless Europe entitled “The 2020 vision for LTE” is a good perspective piece from a renowned analyst, written immediately after the 3GPP RAN Workshop on Requirements for 3GPP Release 12, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 11-12, 2012.

Here is the full version of his paper:
Full Version of Keiths’ Paper


“…We are still at just the beginning of the mobile broadband revolution. The extent of market development and user adoption for mobile web, apps, multimedia and location capabilities, among others, is comparable to the early stages of the switch from 1G to 2G. Mobile broadband, while impressive where available and for those who use it, was only a pursuit for a small minority until the last couple of years. Coverage remains patchy, with insufficient capacity in many places; and erratic service quality, including highly-variable data speeds—from cell-to-cell and from cell centre to cell edge.

While making major improvements on all these fronts to satisfy the current base of users and existing usage profiles, there is also the pressing need to satisfy massive growth in data traffic. This is widely-recognised, among 3GPP members and external observers, to have doubled each year and is set to continue growing rapidly.”...more

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