Franchised (voting) members of the IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors are not eligible to nominate, endorse, or receive any major named society awards, other than service awards. The franchised (voting) members of the IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors are the society president, president-elect, first and second vice presidents, the immediate past president, and the twenty-one elected members of the board.
Contact Us
David A. Bader, Awards Committee Chair
Awards Administrator
IEEE Computer Society
2001 L St., NW Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036-4910
email: awards@computer.org

How to Nominate

Would you like to recognize a fellow member for their achievement? Nominating is a 6-stage process:
  • 1Login with your IEEE web account to create a nomination or endorsement. Web accounts are free, get one now. (Link will open in a new window. Web account signup is several pages. When complete, close the new window to return to Awards.)
  • 2 Find the appropriate award in the list below or click to view full list.
  • 3Provide nominee details. Self-nominations are not permittted.
  • 4Provide your details.
  • 5Provide nomination criteria. (If you have information in an electronic format, a file upload widget is provided after this page - just click "Skip".)
  • 6Invite Endorsers
  • 7Submit Your Nomination
  • NOTE: You may save and return to your nomination with your web account login, if you do not wish to complete it all in one session. Simply login and go to "My Nominations."
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