• How Coal Makes You Sick

    Pollution from coal plants has been linked to asthma attacks, toxic mercury, and more. Coal-related pollution leads to over 12,000 emergency-room visits each year.

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  • Why Clean Energy Wins

    Solar and wind power are ready to provide clean, affordable energy all over the country. The wind industry employs more people than the coal industry, creating thousands of new jobs.

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  • Let's Move Beyond Coal

    Around the country, a movement is growing to build a clean energy future. City by city, people are coming together to say “no” to dirty energy. Join the cause. 

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With the 100th coal-fired power plant retirement announced in February 2012, the Sierra Club reached a major milestone in its goal to retire one-third of the nation's aging coal plants by 2020 and replace them with clean energy.

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10.2 2012
Debating the Future of Our Planet
10.2 2012
Notorious Northern Virginia Coal Plant Officially Retires
10.1 2012
Oregon Gives the Stop Signal to Big Coal

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