Read all the rules before you submit.


General Freesite Rules

  1. Minimum of 20 pics (and minimum of 10 pics per page).
  2. No more than 3 banners / links to sponsors on each page.
  3. A clear cut warning page without misleading "Enter" links or no warning page.
  4. No more than 1 submit per webmaster during 24 hours.
  5. Freesites 1.5 style is accepted!

Additional Rules

  1. No illegal sites.
    • We do not accept sites related to bestiality, child pornography, passwordz, scams, and any other illegal stuffs.
    • Child pornography sites will be immediately reported to ASACP.

  2. Quality requirements.
    • No pop up consoles ever.
    • No FPAs or bannerfarms before content.
    • The content must be on the same domain as the site.
    • Only real domain names accepted. No IP's and redirect services.
    • Free e-mail addresses not allowed.
    • Only english language sites acceptable.
    • Censored pics not allowed.
    • Full sized images must be smaller than 200Kb. size.
    • No links opened in new window. Please open all links and pics in the same window.
    • No full sized pics on html pages. You must link from thumbnail directly to full sized picture.
    • Poor quality and small sized pics not allowed as well.
    • No pics looking or being near identical.
    • No poor grammar and spelling. I suggest that you leave my site if you don't know how to write a simple description without any grammar and spelling errors.
    • Capitalize the first letter in each word (Sexy Teen Girls) in your title when you submit.
    • We do not list sites submitted only to Pornhitz. Your site must be accepted by most of the linklists in the recipgroup where you put our recip. Don't put our recip together with LLs which never accepts your sites or are dead.
    • If you can, please write a description for your freesite that is unique for Pornhitz by slightly altering what you submit to everyone else.

  3. Hosting requirements.
    • Paid hosting only.

  4. TGP / Gallery Rules.
    • You can now submit thumbnail galleries! Min 10 pics and 3 outgoing links to other tgps/lls, remember to check "gallery" when you submit.

  5. Blog Rules.
    • You can now submit your blog to my blog category or one of my other categories.
    • Link back using www.pornhitz.com and text "Free Porn Links".
    • You can also use the text from my regular recips if it fits your blog niche.
    • Dont forget to check "blog" when you submit.

  6. Linksites, AVS and Pay sites.
    • You can submit your directory to my link sites category. Use the same linktext as for blogs.
    • AVS sites can not be submitted.
    • Pay sites can not be submitted.

  7. Reciprocal links. NEW RECIPS CAN BE FOUND HERE - Updated April 24 2010
    • You must submit the index page of your site in "Site URL" field, no doorway pages.
    • Our reciprocal link must be placed on visible place, above "enter" link on index page.
    • New general recip added to make things easier for you.

  8. Additional rules.
    • We reserve right to decline any submission for any reason (including not listed here).

      If you want to receive additional traffic, then also submit to Live Sex Linker and Expect Porn (back again). Please use the correct recip!
    • If you have been banned and want to discuss it, send an email to webmaster[at]pornhitz[dot]com or send a pm to pornhitzman on GG&J. Bannings are not forever if you correct your errors (or my).
    • I have added new categories! Please look twice before you submit

      You agree to follow my rules when you fill out the form below.
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