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Stay Frosty
The Nightcap: Kristal Solis
Stay Frosty
PoV: Andrew Bynum’s Latest Hairstyle
Looks like Martin when he dressed up as Ike Turner for that Halloween episode.
Stay Frosty
Jim Jones Names Cam'ron The Best Rapper And Thinks Juelz Santana Could Be Greater Than Jay-Z
Jim Jones is living that Vamp Life too long, get some sleep Jim.
Stay Frosty
Here's Real-Life Superhero Phoenix Jones Knocking A Racist Out
Why do white guys always need to take off their shirt?
Stay Frosty
The New GTA 5 Trailer Makes You Wish it Was 2013 Already
Stay Frosty
Fire Sale: Miami Marlins Trade Away Premium Talent To Blue Jays
I know a couple folks getting their season tickets early. Is baseball even popular in Florida? Like do people actually look forward to the coming season because that stadium always looks empty.
Stay Frosty
Oxford Dictionaries' "Word Of 2012" Comes Courtesy Of The Internet
I'd give the slight edge to Ross but Cam is up there plus has Ross ever tickled the ivories so eloquently?
In reply to  Lil Nello "You know you can't have a post like this without having this..."
Stay Frosty
11.14 The Cooler
I'll pass on Miley but I'm still routing for Lilo. []
In reply to  nevaRWilliams "Am I wrong for wanting to do something terribly explicit to ..."
Stay Frosty
Juicy J Ft. French Montana, Lola Monroe, Wiz Khalifa & B.o.B – “Bandz A Make Her Dance (Remix)”
Juicy J dropping a Romney reference? Is he the first?
Stay Frosty
The Nightcap: Michelle Game
#12 Giggidy
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