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Highlighted Forum Discussions

What's your bounce rate?
Posted in the SEO Forum
Most of my visits to Wikipedia are single page visits. Wikipedia could have a high bounce rate, but that doesn't mean there is anything worrying about the site... [read more]

Over $21,975 from ServerBeach
Posted in the Webmaster Revenue Forum
I just checked and I've made over $21,975.00 total in the three or so years I've been with ServerBeach.
[read more]

What is Internet Brand Management?
Posted in the Marketing Forum
I hear people talk about brand management a lot. Usually they mention it as a justification to pay some blogger to post something entirely superficially positive on their blog... [read more]

Customer Retention
Posted in the Marketing Forum
They say that an existing customer is often 20 times more valuable than a new customer, considering the cost of acquiring new customers and the lifetime value of an existing customer. Of course that depends on a lot of variables... [read more]

Purchase Analysis
Posted in the Marketing Forum
We are all Internet users. So share elements of marketing that helped to convince you to buy something, online preferably... [read more]

v7n Etiquette Advice Required
Posted in the Forum Lobby
We are a friendly bunch from all over the world with a mixture of cultures and manners. Some of us are used to other forums and some of us have never used a forum before... [read more]

FAQ: mod_rewrite, 301/401 redirects, optimizing Apache, and more.
Posted in Marketing Forum
Welcome to mod_rewrite, the Swiss Army Knife of URL manipulation! Despite the tons of examples and docs, mod_rewrite is voodoo!... [read more]

Webmasters, what do you want in a host?
Posted in Web Hosting Forum
What do you want in a web host? Name the features, price, support you want... [read more]

Web Directory AuthorityRank - Average Outbound PR
Posted in Web Directory Issues
I think the number one factor for me when determining whether I pay to submit to a directory is the AuthorityRank. It's a John Scott Original, which I am kind enough to share with you all for the paltry sum of $100... [read more]

Any Good Copywriting Tips?
Posted in the Marketing Forum
Mine: Keep it short, make the point clearly and in a few words as possible. Internet consumers have an extremely short attention span.
What tips have you got?... [read more]

Uniqueness, Duplicate Content and the Supplemental Index
Posted in the SEO Forum
A minute ago I was asked in a PM why I do not recommend article submission as an SEO tactic. First off, article submission may be useful, not for SEO, but for website promotion, if those articles are submitted to high traffic sites that actually drive traffic.... [read more]

What Is The Single Best Thing You Know About SEO?
Posted in the SEO Forum
Danny Sullivan summed up an important aspect of link strategy well... [read more]

Excellent Blog vs. Just a Blog
Posted in the Blogging Forum
What do you feel sets them apart from those that you never return to again? What makes a blog excellent? What makes it just a blog? [read more]

FAQ: mod_rewrite, 301/401 redirects, optimizing Apache, and more
Posted in the Marketing Forum
Welcome to mod_rewrite, the Swiss Army Knife of URL manipulation! Despite the tons of examples and docs, mod_rewrite is voodoo... [read more]

Marketing for Beginners
Posted in the Marketing Forum
Hopefully this guide to your questions will help you think with a more marketing mind, and from here you will be able to make your own decisions regarding marketing and your company... [read more]

Bloggers Make Money!
Posted in the Blogging Forum
Join the V7N Contextual Network and make money with your blog... [read more]

Why Did You Join the V7N Community?
Posted in the Forum Lobby
What made you decide to become a member of the V7N community? Did you lurk for a while first? Or, just join right away?... [read more]

Fluid vs Fixed Width
Posted in the Web Design Lobby
What is your preference for designing webpages? What is your preference for visiting webpages?... [read more]

How important is the domain age?
Posted in the SEO Forum
I've heard that G considers the domain age as an important SEO factor, as that works filtering some spammy domains. How important do you think this is?... [read more]

Wrist Pain and Ergonomics
Posted in the Forum Lobby
Here's my problem: I've have been having wrist pain (both wrists, right hand dominant) for more than a year and a half. I get a dull pain in my wrist whenever I write. This pain usually radiates to my forearm... [read more]

Email Marketing - HTML or Plain Text?
Posted in the Marketing Forum
Hey folks. I want to start sending some of my users a newsletter, however I am in the debate whether to go with HTML emails (that would be MUCH more beneficial and I could pack more viral stuff into them) or to go with Plain Text emails?... [read more]

Folders versus Subdomains
Posted in the SEO Forum
So, I had disagreements with some people. In all my experience of about 5 to 7 years of SEO, i always went with the folder in favour of the subdomain... [read more]

Wanted: Ultimate notebook
Posted in the Computers & Internet Forum
I want the best damn notebook on the market. Which would that be? I don't care about price.... [read more]

All-time Most Popular

The Basic Concepts of SEO
A special guest article by Bob Massa, one of the Internet's most recognized, leading experts on top search engine placement.

Marketing's "Content is King"
Part two in our whacking of the "content is king" myth.

Bill Gates & the Content-is-King Brigade
Bill was wrong. Content isn't king.

PageRank Wins
SEO copywriters often declare the death of PageRank. Wishful thinking. PageRank matters. It always has and always will.

Keyword & Descriptive Domains for SEO
I would estimate that over 95% of all websites on the Internet are operated by small one-man shows. The majority of websites on the Internet do not have the financial resources to launch a million dollar advertising campaign. And with hundreds or thousands of websites competing for any given set of keywords, these folks need to use every SEO tactic in the book if they want a decent amount of exposure.

One of these tactics is to use keyword - or "descriptive" - domains.

The article is in two parts:

  • Domain SEO
  • Keyword Domain Myths
Increasing Click-Through Ratios
Tips to increase your CTR by setting yourself apart in the search results pages. Part Two

Internal Link Architecture
Discusses internal linking to achieve high rankings. Channel your link weight to the pages which need it the most.

Discusses branding and the value of brand in Internet marketing.
Tools of the Trade

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