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About these forums:

I am certainly not the utmost expert in any of these beverage fields. I am still learning just like many of you. On these forums, please be tolerant of other people’s knowledge level and help out when you can. Hopefully this forum can achieve a welcoming atmosphere among experts and beginners alike.

How to use the forums:

Anyone can read the posts on the forums but you must register to become a Network 54 member in order to post a comment. This is merely a method of keeping troublemakers from ruining the atmosphere and keeping the quality of posts high. The posts will be moderated but I will try to maintain as little censorship as possible.

Forum Rules:

No profanity or personal attacks
No commercial posting allowed
Anyone can read posts in these forums
Any registered Network 54 members can post new topics
Any registered Network 54 member can post replies
Anyone can edit their own posts
Only moderators can delete posts
Only 2BASNOB members can access the wine buying and selling forum

Please note: feel free to post your questions, I will be checking it often.

Coffee Forums

General Espresso – Discussions about brewing techniques, espresso blends, tips and tricks, etc.

General Coffee - Discussions about brewing techniques, coffee blends, tips and tricks, etc.

Espresso Equipment – Discussions about espresso machines and grinders.

Coffee Equipment – Discussions about coffee makers, French presses, Toddy makers, grinders, etc.

Roasting at Home – Discussions about roasting at home.

Tea Forums

General Tea – Discussions about the types of teas, brewing tips, grading, etc.

Chai – Discussions about chai and various recipes and brewing tips and tricks, etc.

Wine Forums

General Wine – Discussions about wine enjoyment and education.

Tasting Notes – Tasted a good wine lately? Leave your opinion or read someone elses.

Off-Line Events – Post your local events here or see events in your area.

Buying and Selling – Open only to 2BASNOB members, this is where you can discuss buying and selling (private sales only, absolutely no commercial posting allowed).

Beer Forums

General Beer – Discussions about the types of beer, store bought beers and related topics.

Homebrewing Techniques – Discussions on troubleshooting, tips and tricks and other homebrewing topics.

Homebrewing Recipes – Got a great recipe or simply looking for one? This is the place.


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