Is OJ Simpson Khloe Kardashian’s Biological Father?

21 Jun

Posted by D*ana


I love this one… Of COURSE it isn’t true, but the National Enquirer has come up with this story that Khloe Kardashian has been talking to her late father’s famous client OJ Simpson in jail and that she is pressuring him to reveal whether or not it’s possible that he is her real father!

I’m not sure how close OJ and her father Rob Kardashian were before he joined the defense team, but apparently the Enquirer has sources that say OJ got really close to Kris at some point!

Khloe’s reaction to the story… If OJ was my father, I’d be a lot “tanner.”

And a rep for the Kardashian family says the story is just plain “stupid.”

I still think Kris’s hairdresser is Khloe’s dad, they look so much alike!!!



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Kim Kardashian Calls Fans “Gullible” and “Pathetic”

20 Jun

Posted by D*ana

No… Not Kim Kardashian! She loves her fans and totally appreciates how famous they have mad her… right???

A source told Star Magazine that Kris Humphries allegedly has text messages in which Kim referred to her fans as “‘gullible,’ ‘stupid imbeciles,’ ‘boring little nobodies’ and ‘pathetic people with no lives of their own.’”

Kim publicly refers to her fans as her “dolls” but if these messages really do exist it seems she isn’t so sweet when she talks about them in private.

Do you believe Kim would say such things?

I do. And she’s actually right… In my opinion, anyone who buys into her hype and believes her shows are based in reality” is gullible and pathetic! I can not STAND this girl and this story just solidifies what a selfish materialistic person she really is.

Oh, and the source also says Kim has had multiple plastic surgeries and that she’s becoming addicted to the procedures!


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4D Ultrasound & Baby Name Revealed

14 Jun

Posted by D*ana

30 weeks!

So I’ve been slacking on the posts again, lots going on as we get ready for baby. The house was a bachelor pad before I moved in, so I’ve been decorating, finally got the family room organized and neat, had to get rid of my old bedroom furniture to make room for baby’s, etc. Kyla is leaving for the summer on Saturday so I took some time off from work to hang out with her too.

We also got a 4D ultrasound last Thursday and tonight we’re getting maternity/family pictures done.

I got one when I was pregnant with my daughter (over 8 years ago!) and it was done in a medical building and cost over $250… Now the 4D ultrasounds are half as much money and shown on a movie screen. Kyla came with us and we invited my boyfriend’s family to come too. His 93 year old grandmother joined us, she’d never seen a sonogram done before so it was quite an experience for her to see him… He will be her 21st great-grandchild!

He did not cooperate and had his arm in front of his face at first, but the ultrasound tech took some extra time with us to make sure we got some nice pictures of his face.

Here are the pics of Rocco!

Yes, that’s his name. I ordered some adorable hand painted wooden name letters from Etsy for his nursery so it’s official! Rocco Leigh… Leigh is a family name, same middle name as his dad and grandpa. One person pointed out that people will call him “Broccoli” but I don’t think that’s likely to happen. Someone also tried to tell me it was a bad idea to name my daughter Kyla because she could be called “KY” as in the jelly. So far that hasn’t happened :)

Here’s Kyla’s 4D pic on top and his on the bottom… I think they look alike! Then again… all babies kinda look alike especially in the 4D pics…

Can’t wait to meet him… 8 to 10 weeks left! The nursery is getting painted this weekend and his furniture came last week. I am so anxious to get his room set up!

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Octomom’s Porn Pictures!!

14 Jun

Posted by D*ana

It’s Octomom doing porn – NASTY!

I think these speak for themselves.  A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to feed all her kids I guess… but I could do without the baby clothes hanging in the background!


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Kelly Clarkson’s Boyfriend Brandon Blackstock Is Cute!

04 Jun

Posted by D*ana

Kelly Clarkson has a boyfriend… Has she ever had a boyfriend?  I don’t remember her dating anyone sine she’s been famous.  She and Reba McIntyre’s stepson (the son of her manager) Brandon Blackstock have been dating for about 6 months…

They’ve known each other for 6 years but until recently it was just a casual friendship.  She has high hopes for the relationship and has apparently said it’s been hard for her to write music lately because she’s so happy!  She said she’s tried to write tough songs but they all come out “butterflies and rainbows”… Hopefully it lasts!  She’s waited a long time for a good guy to come along!

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