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Podcast ahoy!

by ***Dave on Tue 5-Jul-11 5:52pm · 5 comments

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Thanks, Les, for getting our podcast from Monday up and on the air.  Woot!

We rambled a bit (as inconceivable as that sounds), discussing Sarah Palin, the GOP candidates for President, the putative Democratic candidate for President, how little we understand about Buddhism, medication and mental health, recently read books, current favorite TV shows, and, of course, Patriotism and the Fourth of July.

You can listen to us natter on for 90 minutes by clicking Play on the player below (which also lets you play in a new window or download the file).  I’ll be adding it to the Podcasts tab after this post goes up.

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1 BD 13-Jul-11 at 1:48pm

Game of Thrones is not so much the new LotR, it is much more in-depth than that, much more grey than the great big giant BLACK/WHITE divide that was in LotR with fully fleshed out characters.

It is much more Machiavellian than LotR, much more politics, back stabbing and power corrupts absolutely style, along with a bunch of greatly flawed (for good or for ill) characters that feel real. Great guy with feet of clay, honorable man that believes everyone is on the same play book and so on. The HBO Series did a great job of distilling the first book down to its essence and has an amazing performance by Peter Dinklage to boot.

Also…you were the last geek in your school to read LotR? Shocking.

Both The Mentalist and Castle ended well this season, both of them did a great job with a cliff hanger ending.

Lost *lost* me at the end of the second.

Mary is watching and explaining Burn Notice to me. Some nice stuff, but I could do without the inner dialog portions of the show.

~shakes fist at BSG~ Grundy Crush!

The reason to short change the Public Education is to keep the public stupid so that they will believe everything that FOX news and chain emails tell them.

2 ***Dave 13-Jul-11 at 5:17pm

Yeah, that’s the sense I got from it. I’ll prolly pick up the season set.

On LotR, I had received the trilogy for Xmas somewhere in late elementary school (the first authorized version with the psychodelic covers), and carried FotR with me on Scouting campouts for several years, but could never break past all the silly Hobbit/Birthday folderol at the beginning. Only in my freshman year in HS, after my two best friends had devoured and read them, and were talking incessantly about them, did I power through.

I made up for it by doing maps, lexicons, and a ton of other supplementary material. :-)

3 Avocet 14-Jul-11 at 2:23am

Dave was not the last geek in his school to read LotR. I read it after he did. In fact, one day, he asked how far I had gotten and I said that I was up to “The Muster of Rohan.” When he asked if they were all mustered, I said, “Oh, a few of them are still trying to catch up! Ha! I relish jokes like that!” Dave responded, “Stop it! You’re putting me in such a pickle!” To this day, I regret that I didn’t think to say, “You’re right. Lettuce dispense with the jokes.” until later that day.

I remember that Dave had drawn a huge map of Middle-earth and affixed it to his bedroom wall. I still have the lexicon that he and I (mostly he) worked on.

4 ***Dave 14-Jul-11 at 1:29pm

I stand corrected — I was thinking of my first high school, in my freshman year.

And a better retort would have been, “Well, I mayo may not!”

5 Avocet 14-Jul-11 at 1:56pm

Ah, so you were the last geek in your school when you read it, and then I became the last geek in my school to read it. We tie!

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