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  1. An Addition to Our Boulder Team

    As you might have read in David’s post yesterday, I’m headed to New York City this spring to fill in as Interim Managing Director of our program there. I couldn’t be more stoked to entrench myself. That said, anyone that’s spent more than a few hours inside any of our programs very quickly sees that it takes Read more…

  2. Welcoming Mark Solon to the TechStars Family

    Mark Solon has been around TechStars for years as a mentor but also as a personal friend and advisor of mine and of TechStars. Mark and I have been on the board of SendGrid together since it emerged from TechStars in 2009, and Mark also serves on the board of other TechStars companies such as Everlater, Kapost, and Read more…

  3. TechStars Demo Day: Boston Fall 2012

    Fashion Project @FashionProjct Donate differently. Zeppelin @zepppelin Connecting cloud applications and team in one place. Ovuline @Ovuline Every pregnancy happy, healthy, and easy. ImpulseSave @ImpulseSave Saving made instantly gratifying. Fetchnotes @fetchnotes Productivity, as simple as a tweet. Dashbell @Dash_Bell OpenTable for independent hotels. Wymsee @wymsee Simplify TV/Film production, unlock latent value. CoachUp @CoachUp Find a Read more…