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16 Life-Changing Strategies

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  • Overview
  • Go on a Sleep Cycle
  • Eat 38 Grams of Fiber a Day
  • Start Meditating
  • Approach a Woman Every Day
  • Do Pullups Every Day
  • Train Barefoot
  • Go to the Doctor
  • Try New Sex Positions
  • Switch to a Jacket and Tie Every Day
  • Swear Off Snacks with Added Sugar
  • Quit Looking at Porn
  • Turn Off Your iPhone
  • Keep Track of Everything You Spend
  • Switch to a Stand-up Desk
  • Go Low Carb
  • Call a Friend Every Day

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Switch to a Stand-up Desk


Notorious sloucher stuck in a sedentary routine and working long hours


Slump less and boost productivity. "Standing more is the single healthiest change most desk jockeys can make," says Mark Benden, Ph.D., an assistant professor of environmental and occupational health at Texas A&M's health science center. "You burn 20 percent to 25 percent more calories versus sitting, and it can improve your posture."


(1) Use a stand-biased desk instead of a sit-stand desk; you'll spend more time on your feet this way. Stand-biased desks (see or are higher than regular desks, and they pair with appropriately tall stools for times you want to sit.

(2) Start with 15-minute blasts and progress toward 45-minute sessions.

(3) Try a foot platform: It allows you to shift your body weight and attain better posture.


"I switched slowly, graduating to 30-minute sessions after 2 weeks. I had some foot pain, but now I spend more than half of the working day on my feet. My posture is straighter and I feel more alert and productive."


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  • You completed erased the three paragraph problem I explained...just because the stupid Security image didn't match. I give up.
    That is a rediculous security fix!

    D. Wilson

    January 3, 10:17pm
  • Great article, and all are very true! a few i have started for myself and the others i have been wanting to do for a while. just gotta make a push to get the tools to make a stand-up desk out of my current work desk.


    January 6, 12:17pm
  • I really enjoyed reading the experiences of Jim Thorton, Trevor Thieme, Michael Perry, Paul Kita, Oliver Broudy, and Jeff Csatari (MH Jan/Feb 2012 issue). Their comments on their experiences funny, and their feedback very useful.

    Increasing fiber in my diet has given me more pleasant and "smooth" experiences in the bathroom, meditating has does wonders for me (you all really need to try it!), I love that I can do 10 pull-ups, saying hello to women effectively is an on-going process for me, I am/was pre-med, and I'm reconnecting more with an old-college roommate of mine.

    Some of these things I've been working on before reading this article, but the extra info has helped greatly!

    Thanks guys for sharing your experiences!


    January 21, 10:03am

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  • I have made this switch and in addition to all the energy and alertness I have now, it saved me when I strained my back.

    You can read the details about my experience here: -my-homebusiness-this-year

    Sarah Clachar

    January 17, 1:37pm

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