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Top Level :: Web Services


Package Information
Summary oauth consumer extension
Maintainers John Jawed <jawed@php.net> (lead) [details]
Felipe Pena <felipe@php.net> (developer) [details]
Rasmus Lerdorf <rasmus@php.net> (lead) [details]
Tjerk Meesters <datibbaw@php.net> (developer) [details]
License BSD
Description OAuth is an authorization protocol built on top of HTTP which allows applications to securely access data without having to store usernames and passwords.

Requirements: ext/hash (now a part of PHP core)

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Available Releases
Version State Release Date Downloads  
1.2.3 stable 2012-10-01 oauth-1.2.3.tgz (44.5kB) [Changelog]
1.2.2 stable 2011-07-22 oauth-1.2.2.tgz (44.3kB) [Changelog]
1.2 stable 2011-06-27 oauth-1.2.tgz (44.1kB) [Changelog]
1.1.0 stable 2011-02-06 oauth-1.1.0.tgz (43.7kB) [Changelog]
1.0.0 stable 2010-06-02 oauth-1.0.0.tgz (41.8kB) [Changelog]
0.99.9 beta 2009-05-10 oauth-0.99.9.tgz (25.0kB) [Changelog]
0.99.8 beta 2009-04-30 oauth-0.99.8.tgz (23.4kB) [Changelog]
0.99.7 beta 2009-04-23 oauth-0.99.7.tgz (21.8kB) [Changelog]
0.99.5 beta 2009-04-21 oauth-0.99.5.tgz (21.1kB) [Changelog]
0.99.4 beta 2009-03-26 oauth-0.99.4.tgz (18.8kB) [Changelog]
0.99.2 beta 2008-12-03 oauth-0.99.2.tgz (16.0kB) [Changelog]
0.99.1 beta 2008-11-21 oauth-0.99.1.tgz (12.2kB) [Changelog]

Release 1.2.3: PHP Version: PHP 5.1.0 or newer
PEAR Package: PEAR Installer 1.4.0b1 or newer
PHP Extension: hash
Release 1.2.2: No dependencies registered.
Release 1.2: No dependencies registered.
Dependencies for older releases can be found on the release overview page.
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