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Times they are a changing

oct 30, 2012 14 Comments ~ Written by gforcada

Last year around this days I was still living near Barcelona (Molins de Rei actually), some days later, on the November 4th I took a flight from Barcelona to Berlin my new home as of now, and since then, things have happened in a quite fast peace…

We (with Sílvia obviously!) went there as I got a job offer from der Freitag, a newspaper, where I help building their website. With such a big move, packing, unpacking, moving, legal stuff and so on kept ourselves busy for quite some time. Thankfully I stayed ~one month with Kat and Dave (million thanks again!!) which helped a lot in getting papers sorted out and finding a flat where to stay :)

German classes started on January (12h per week plus 40h work) and a wedding in Catalonia on June  30th was the new thing to keep ourselves busy.

Right now German classes are still undergoing, we are going to make a late honeymoon to Japan1 and we are starting to get ready for the next small thing: we are expecting a baby!

We are really excited about it! All these ultrasounds and 3D images that nowadays doctors do and everything really get you the (obviously not like the future-to-be-mom) feeling that something is being cooked in your wife’s belly :D

Surely times will keep changing from now on! :D The baby is expected to be around early Spring so (s)he2 will not get frozen by the Berlin’s winter which their parents are still not used to :)

Looking back before coming to Berlin looks really far far away and it’s been only one year!

  1. advices to what to see/do are welcome :) [↩]
  2. We still don’t know the gender [↩]
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Public service annonuncement: GNOME Translation Project meeting

oct 26, 2012 3 Comments ~ Written by gforcada

Next month (November) is around the corner, and so it is the next GNOME Translation Project meeting!

Feel free to add yourself and suggest discussion points on the above link!

Many thanks to Gabor for organizing it!

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any WebKitGTK+ hero out there? FIXED

oct 25, 2012 3 Comments ~ Written by gforcada

I had a draft of this post since two days, as a way to make a call for action to fix the offending bug once and for all1.

Fast forward, and thanks to my personal new hero of the day, Martin Robinson, we, the GNOME Translation Project community can finally start translating in a reliable way WebKitGTK+!

I don’t have the honor to know him, but, please, if you happen to see him, buy him his beverage of taste and let me pay the bill, I will gladly do that!

A lot of credit also goes for Chris Leonard who has been tirelessly chasing this bug.

Since yesterday the translation world is a bit more shiny :)

Thanks a lot Martin and Chris!

  1. A bug about not being able to update the POT file needed to be able to update and generate translations from a module [↩]
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Translation Project meeting minutes

oct 07, 2012 Leave a Comment ~ Written by gforcada

An hour ago the meeting was over, here is a small resumé:

The GNOME Translation Project met for  around 3 hours long1 to discuss on how to improve the translation story on GNOME, make it better just like GNOME is getting better :)

Topics discussed

GNOME 3.6 looked good (translation wise) some concerns were:

  • hard to test due to distributions not being updated enough
  • we hope that GNOME testing initiative (aka GNOME OS) improves by next release :)
  • some QA guidelines were thought as needed to do translation testing

New design of

  • the RTL situation is not really good but Arab translators will provide screenshots on how to fix it (help needed thought)

Switching D-L to only show words

  • strong arguments on both sides, more discussion, mockups or subteams working on proposals would help changing things (if there’s a need for it at all)

Next IRC meeting

  • Gabor volunteers to run it one for next month, we will get news from him soon hopefully :)

Accelerators on app menus (the thing on the GNOME Shell bar)

  • translators feel uncomfortable with the situation, lots of modules with accelerators, lots of other modules without
  • will try to get attention from designers and developers to have clear guidelines (if possible)

Doing another survey for coordinators

  • still not clear what we want to ask to ourselves (a bit philosophical this one :D)
  • some mail will be sent to this list asking about ideas

Dropping docbook (documentation) translations

  • Gabor volunteered to ask documentation team about their plans

Splitting the big GNOME module set

  • everyone agrees that we have to move it forward, lots of technical details and design decisions to be made though
  • where to put the line on splitting modules
  • what to use as the mighty 80%

Dead modules

  • that’s a big concern we all have, how to make sure translators don’t waste time translating modules that are not maintained or used
  • idea of making D-L send mails to warn maintainers and translators about a module not being updated/released during a GNOME cycle (6 months)
  • some git sorcery is needed to make D-L work, volunteers welcomed :)
  • Piotr made a new list of dead modules:
  • discussed some way to make translators aware of it on D-L itself (showing some sort of banner or warning)

That’s roughly it :)

Happy translating!

  1. Thanks a lot to all of you who showed up and made such a great and fun meeting!! [↩]
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GNOME Translation Project IRC meeting

oct 05, 2012 Leave a Comment ~ Written by gforcada

tl;dr; :

During the Translation BoF meeting held on GUADEC we set some objectives/priorities/things-to-look-at.

One of them was about doing regular-ish meetings… and you got lucky! There will be one this Saturday itself!

So join us on #i18n channel around 21:00 UTC+2. Details, agenda and everything else (not much more actually …) on the tl;dr; link :)

See you *all* there!


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Same lies, new look

set 30, 2012 5 Comments ~ Written by gforcada

Doesn’t it look great? Thanks to Vinicius Depizzol that started it some time ago and Tom Tryfonidis who finished it (and I’m just getting the credit :) we have a new amazing-looking theme for our beloved Damned-Lies!

If you happen to meet any of them, be sure to thank them!!

Even the stats look so great:

Don’t you feel an urge to start translating just for the sake of browsing it? :)

Again, thanks to Vinicius to start it and Tom to make it happen!

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GNOME 3.6 is out!

set 27, 2012 3 Comments ~ Written by gforcada

GNOME 3.6 is out!

Go celebrate it! We all made an amazing job!

The Catalan team, just like lots of other amazing translation teams did a great job and made it again! Congratulations to all translators who have been working so hard this last weeks. I’m really looking forward to the GNOME digest about the last week and this one :) On the two other previous weeks was already a lot of activity (1186 and 771 each week)

Now, for GNOME 3.8!

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bash tip of the day

set 26, 2012 Leave a Comment ~ Written by gforcada

After spending an hour or so staring at a regular expression in bash, I gave up and started looking at the interwebs… So what’s wrong on this?

if [[  $random =~ "^a{1,2}b{1,2}c{1,2}$"  ]]; then
    echo "matching"
    echo "not matching"

It’s supposed to compare $random with a regular expression (that’s what’s supposed to do the =~ operator). But no matter how hard I tried, it was always “not matching”

Fortunately this days we have stackoverflow with the answers.





(some spacing so that you can think on it….)






Short answer: no quotes around a regular expression!

I start getting a pattern here (punt intended), the clueless I’m usually while trying to find the solution, the easiest it is :)

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Ànecs en cerca i captura

set 26, 2012 Leave a Comment ~ Written by gforcada

El GNOME 3.6 està vist per sentència, i com de costum, tot i que patint una mica més que el de costum, ja el tenim en català!

Moltes gràcies a tots i totes els que heu col·laborat!


Ara bé, tot i que al GNOME s’intenta fer programari que sigui fàcil i intuitiu, encara hi ha coses que si ets novell o senzillament és la primera vegada que l’obres encara es fa força difícil d’entendre.

Però tranquils! Al GNOME, que estan al cas de tot ja ho tenen previst, i per això hi ha un equip de documentació que intenta que totes les aplicacions tinguin una documentació sobre elles i a més a més també s’encarreguen de fer documentació en general per a l’usuari i últimament també s’estan centrant en la documentació per als desenvolupadors.

I, evidentment, si la documentació està en anglès, l’equip de traducció del GNOME és l’encarregat de fer que aquesta documentació estigui en l’idioma de l’usuari.

I aquí és on entren els ànecs…

A la pàgina d’estadístiques de traducció al català de la documentació del GNOME 3.6 podeu veure que força documentació té una icona d’un ànec1.

Tota la documentació que tingui aquest ànec vol dir que està en el format nou que s’han inventat a l’equip de documentació del GNOME, de manera que no s’espera que hagi de canviar moltíssim en el futur, per altra banda, tota la documentació que no en té, vol dir que en algun moment o altre es reescriurà per passar-lo en aquest nou format.

Així que, si voleu col·laborar en la traducció del GNOME al català, traduir la documentació és una de les millors maneres en que ens podeu ajudar!

Si teniu dubtes sobre quina documentació agafar, aquí en teniu una selecció:


  • baobab
  • brasero
  • cheese
  • empathy
  • Eye of GNOME
  • Evince Document Viewer
  • file-roller
  • gcalctool
  • gedit
  • vinagre
  • zenity

Ara bé, si voleu ser un heroi/heroïna i en teniu ganes, tinc una proposta molt millor:

La documentació d’usuari del GNOME

És un petit gran monstre de documentació, començada fa un temps per en David Aguilera, però que per desgràcia no ha seguit. Qui vol fer el següent relleu? :)

No es tracta de traduir-la tota de cop, ni molt menys! Però si d’anar intentant fer unes 20 o 30 cadenes al mes, que algú us les revisi i anar-les pujant, per tal que aquestes ~3k cadenes (unes 50k paraules) es vagin traduint cadena a cadena, paraula a paraula fins que estigui del tot traduït :)

Es pot dividir el fitxer i així fer el camí més ràpid i lleuger, només cal posar-s’hi! ;)

Com de costum, la coordinació de tot plegat es porta des de la llista de traducció del GNOME de Softcatalà, apunteu-vos-hi, digueu “Hola!” i a traduir! :)

Nota: en la redacció d’aquesta entrada al bloc no ha resultat ferit ni malmès cap ànec.

  1. Alguna pregunta sobre per què un ànec? :D [↩]
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herois/heroïnes catalans del GNOME?

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