Putting the Performance in High Performance Computing

Paradyn/Dyninst - Welcome

  • Dyninst
    The Paradyn project develops technology that aids tool and application developers in their pursuit of high-performance, scalable, parallel and distributed software. The primary project, Paradyn, leverages a technique called dynamic instrumentation to efficiently obtain performance profiles of unmodified executables. This dynamic binary instrumentation technology is independently available to researchers via the Dyninst API.
  • MRNet
    MRNet is a software overlay network that provides efficient multicast and reduction communications for parallel and distributed tools and systems. MRNet uses a tree of processes between the tool's front-end and back-ends to improve group communication performance. These internal processes are also used to distribute many important tool activities, reducing data analysis time and keeping tool front-end loads manageable.
  • Active Harmony
    Complex software systems today can be characterized by distribution, heterogeneity, and changing resource requirements and capacities. These attributes make static systems unsuitable for a wide range of tasks that need high performance, or are long-lived. In order to achieve high performance in such environments for more than a short period of time, systems need to dynamically adapt to changing resource capacities and application requirements. We are designing and building Active Harmony, a software architecture that supports distributed execution of computational objects in such environments.
  • News Items
    • PD Week 2012 was a huge success! Thanks to all that participated. Stay tuned for information regarding our next annual meeting.
    • MRNet 3.1.0 has been released
    • The Paradyn/Dyninst Annual Meeting was held in Madison May 2-3, 2011 in the beautiful new Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery building
    • Dyninst 7.0.1, SymtabAPI 7.0.1, StackwalkerAPI 2.1, InstructionAPI 7.0.1, ParseAPI 1.0.1, ProcControlAPI 1.0.1, and DynC 1.0.1 have been released.
    • The Paradyn group had a great research exhibit at the SC2009 Conference. See our group photo from the conference.
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