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Welcome to The Beat, the daily news blog of comics news, reviews, and information. Born in a tiny grass hut in Nepal, The Beat studied wu shu and Carl Barks at the Shaolin Temple before boarding a tramp steamer and arriving in the US sometime before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Assembling a team of high level operatives from every walk of life, The Beat has since become dedicated to fighting the sinister influence of Doktor Kaos and his minions, disseminating coded messages to her worldwide network via her blog postings, and ensuring liberty for all. The Beat can currently be found at her headquarters, Stately Beat Manor, where surrounded by the latest in internet tubing and technology, she gathers intelligence, only occasionally leaving her island refuge to protect the weak and innocent and maintain the eightfold path of righteousness.

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Heidi MacDonald, Editor-In-Chief

Contributing Editors

Torsten Adair
Jen Vaughn
Todd Allen
Steve Morris
Hannah Means-Shannon

Events/Previews Editor: Jessica Lee
Technology Editor: Bruce Lidl
Entertainment Editor: Shannon O'Leary


Todd Alcott
Michel Fiffe
Marc-Oliver Frisch
Rich Johnson
Paul O'Brien
MK Reed


Maggie Siegel-Berele


November 2012
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Upcoming Events

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