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Nov. 23, 2012

10 minutes

— The amount of time it takes for a smoker to increase harmful pollutants in a car by 30%.

New Treatment for ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Syndrome?

By Maia SzalavitzNov. 23, 20120

Primary hypersomnia—’Sleeping Beauty Syndrome’ — causes excessive daytime sleepiness, disorientation and inattention

Unemployment is Hard on the Heart, and the Harm May Add Up

By Laura BlueNov. 21, 20120

Repeated job losses may be as damaging to heart health as smoking, high blood pressure, or diabetes

Flying over the Holidays? Secondhand Smoke Still Poses Health Risk at Some Airports

By Olivia B. WaxmanNov. 21, 20120

Airports with designated smoking areas can still expose nonsmokers to surprising levels of cigarette smoke

Rethinking HIV: After Five Years of Debate, a New Push for Prevention

By Alexandra SifferlinNov. 21, 20120

After decades of focusing almost exclusively on treating HIV, public health experts are finally able to add more effective prevention strategies to curb spread of the disease.

Can Your Job Increase Your Risk of Developing Breast Cancer?

By Olivia B. WaxmanNov. 20, 20120

A study explores the occupations with the strongest links to breast cancer.

U.S. Panel Recommends More Routine HIV Testing

By Associated PressNov. 20, 20120

Widespread testing of most healthy adults would curb spread of the disease by bringing more patients into early treatment.

Early Puberty in Boys: When Should Dads Start Talking with Their Sons About Sex?

By Bonnie RochmanNov. 20, 20120

With growing evidence that boys, like girls, are maturing at ever younger ages, who’s ready with helpful advice?

Bacteria on Binkies: A Recipe for Crankiness

By Bonnie RochmanNov. 15, 20120

Pacifiers are among the most dependable pieces of baby paraphernalia, but what if, instead of curing crankiness, they actually cause babies to be more unruly?

Scores Isolated After New Ebola Outbreak in Uganda

By Associated PressNov. 15, 20120

Scores of Ugandans were isolated on Thursday to prevent the spread of a new outbreak of Ebola which has already killed three people.

Pepsi’s Fat-Fighting Soda: Too Good to Be True?

By Olivia B. WaxmanNov. 15, 20120

Pepsi’s latest refresher claims to fend off fat. But is a healthy soda an oxymoron?

Pollutants Linked to Lower Fertility in Both Men and Women

By Catherine EltonNov. 15, 20120

It makes sense that what we’re exposed to can affect our health, including our fertility. And the latest research shows exactly how much.

Turn Out the Light! It May Be Making You Moody

By Alexandra SifferlinNov. 14, 20120

Overexposure to bright light not only keeps you up at night, but animal studies show it may be linked to depressive symptoms and learning problems.

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