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‘Tis The Season To Pack On Pounds: Tips For Healthier Holiday Eating

By Alexandra Sifferlin

It’s that time of year–the holiday season. That means plenty of reuniting, entertaining, and of course, eating. Whether you’r …

Redeeming the Supermarket: The Diet for the 99%

By Jeffrey KlugerNov. 21, 20120

We’ve gotten too culinarily snooty for our own good. Say hello — again — to the old way of eating

Cheap vs. Expensive Foods: What Wins at Checkout?

By Healthland StaffNov. 21, 20120

Is high-priced organic peanut butter really healthier for you? We compare the nutrients and find some surprising results.

Muscle Madness: More Teens Are Bulking Up

By Alexandra SifferlinNov. 20, 20120

Teens place a premium on muscular builds and are increasingly taking chances with their health to get them

16 Healthier Ways to Enjoy Chips

By Nicole McDermott | Greatist.comNov. 19, 20120

Yes, it’s possible to make chips better for you. Here’s how.

The Naptime Chef on What to Eat Before the Big Meal on Thanksgiving

By Kelsey BanfieldNov. 19, 20120

Mommy-blogger and “Naptime Chef” Kelsey Banfield shares an orange cinnamon coffee cake recipe for Thanksgiving hosts

What You Should Know About Caffeine

By Alexandra SifferlinNov. 19, 20120

Last week, 5-hour Energy came under fire after the New York Times reported the Food and Drug Administration received 13 reports of deaths possibly linked to the energy drink. The claims add to the five deaths reported to the agen …

5-Hour Energy Cited In 13 Deaths and ‘Spontaneous Abortion’

By Olivia B. WaxmanNov. 15, 20120

New reports implicate an additional brand of energy drinks in deaths.

Pepsi’s Fat-Fighting Soda: Too Good to Be True?

By Olivia B. WaxmanNov. 15, 20120

Pepsi’s latest refresher claims to fend off fat. But is a healthy soda an oxymoron?

Study: Soccer Players Without Concussions Still Have Brain Changes

By Alexandra SifferlinNov. 13, 20120

A small study of professional soccer players found that even those who have never experienced a concussion still have changes in the white matter of their brains, likely from routine and unprotected headers.

Los Angeles City Council Declares Mondays “Meatless”

By Alexandra SifferlinNov. 12, 20120

For one day a week, citizens in the city of Los Angeles are encouraged to be ‘veg heads.’

California Fails to Pass GM Foods Labeling Initiative

By Alexandra SifferlinNov. 07, 20120

At every election, California’s ballot is filled with initiatives, but none received more attention this year than Proposition 37.

Multivitamins Don’t Lower Risk of Heart Disease Among Men

By Laura BlueNov. 05, 2012 is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its contents. This is a safe-cache copy of the original web site.