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November 15, 2012

Francisco Rodriguez, Dean at University of Puerto Rico

Thank you Dean Schwartz.

I appreciate Orval and Andreina Sifontes for making this possible. I was fortunate enough to deliver the first lecture, and its always a pleasure to come back to Tulane to see what you’re doing here at the school, to see your wonderful work in the studios, I think it is quite amazing to be here in the city, that for many reasons feels a lot like home: people, place, history, warmth… It’s great to come back, its great to be able to continue this collaboration and hope to be able to come back to New Orleans and to Tulane.

As I am a practicing architect, I am a professor of the school and I happen to also be an administrator. As you may know, I also enjoy to edit publications. It is crazy and sometimes impossible to balance to teach to practice, to write but I try to do it. I’m going to introduce someone tonight, I think the only other person in Puerto Rico who has filled all of those categories. Someone who is a very good architect, he has won national architecture awards - several times. He’s edited several publications and is working on a couple more right now. He’s an accomplished professor, who’s actually writing a book on the pedagogy and the methods of teaching first year students. It’s great, it’s someone who is really really great at sitting down and having conversations about architecture. He loves to talk about the culture of architecture, and does it with a lot of passion.

Andres was born in Ponce, in southern Puerto Rico and was actually educated in the us at the university of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, later at MIT with a one-year stint in Uganda. He worked for Kevin A. Lynch in Boston before returning to Puerto Rico and starting his firm, his award winning firm. He was president of the AIA, great book and exhibition Arquitectura Contemporanea en Puerto Rico which has it’s second edition of that publication out now.

He is now a Fellow of the AIA and is somebody who’s career is more and more taking an academic turn. We will see some wonderful things in the near future as those books come out and for me, it has been one of my greatest accomplishments to have been able to snag Andres to the University of Puerto Rico and to share him tonight with all of you. It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you Andres: eloquent, articulate, and a really, really good lecturer. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy as well.

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