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New PPD Series: Success Tips From the Photo Rep

What do art buyers want to see when you show them your portfolio? And when you show that work, should it be on paper ... or on an iPad? How should you be using social media to kick your photo career to a new level? What are the secrets of a great promotional mailer? These are some of the questions we've heard from Pro Photo Daily readers over the past few months, and for answers we have turned to New York City-based photo rep Frank Meo, who launches a new PPD series today with five tips for estimating and negotiating for commercial assignments.

  • Supreme Court: It's Not a Crime to Photograph Cops
  • Artist Talk: Chris Buck On "PRESENCE: The Invisible Portrait"
  • Follow-Up: Iconic Images from D.D. Duncan's $2.19-Million Camera
  • More Icons: Photo of Titanic Iceberg Up for Sale

Profiling The SF Film Society's KRF Filmmaking Grant Finalists

The winners of the San Francisco Film Society’s Kenneth Rainin Foundation Filmmaking Grants will be announced on December 8, but in the meantime Filmmaker profiles the 13 finalists for this year’s honors. They include Ryan Coogler, whose film Fruitvale tells the true story of a young Bay Area man who encounters friends, enemies, family, and strangers on New Year’s Eve 2008, and Chris Mason Johnson, whose film Test is set in the ballet world of San Francisco in 1985.

  • Trending: "Not-Fiction" Docs and the Future of Storytelling
  • Did the Shutdown of Megaupload Actually Hurt Movie Box Office?
  • Advertising: Guardian's "Three Little Pigs" is Year's Top TV Spot
  • Video-Sharing Service Daily Motion to Fund Original Films

The Sign Painters at TDC

In the pre-digital age storefronts, murals, banners, barn signs, billboards, and even street signs were hand-lettered with brush and paint. City neighborhoods, towns and villages had unique identities which were, in part, shaped by the painted word. But, like many skilled trades, the sign industry has been overrun by the promise of quicker and cheaper. The resulting proliferation of computer-designed, die-cut vinyl lettering and inkjet printers has ushered a numbing sameness into ...

  • The DART Board 11.27.2012
  • Beatrix Potter's Picture Letters
  • Field Notes 11.21.2012
  • The DART Board 11.20.2012

Spotlight: Stefan Falke Documents Artists Along "La Frontera"

Brooklyn-based photographer Stefan Falke began taking pictures of artists along the Mexico/US border because, as he says, there was a need to document “the abundant cultural activities in a region portrayed by the international media mostly with the sole focus on violent crimes.” Since 2008, he has photographed 70 artists in Tijuana, Tecate, and Mexicali, and he plans to travel the entire 2,000-mile length of the border before he completes his illuminating project. “I am not looking for the best, or the best known artists,” he says. “If the art is great, so much the better!”

  • In Print: "Revista Ilustrar" Mag
  • A Look At the 2012 POYi Latin America Winners
  • Event: The San Juan Poly/Graphic Triennial (Through August 28)
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