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Leaving The Room Puts You In Charge

Bonnie Diczhazy by Bonnie Diczhazy on Wed, Nov 14th, 2012
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  • If you put 100 people in a room and ask “Which football team has the best defense” you’ll get 100 different opinions about quarterbacks, team owners, strategy and a pretty heated debate that is sure to take up hours of time and energy.

    But what if one person left the room and…

    -Wrote a blog post about the woman on Etsy who makes purses out of recycled material.

    -Shared 10 books about social change.

    -Donated $25 to Charity.

    -Wrote a manifesto about how art teaches kids how to think more creatively.

    -Walked their dog and thought of 3 ideas for a new lens.

    Sometimes it’s better to leave the room and do something amazing with your time. Something that puts YOU in charge.

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