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Praised as the "finest documentary series on television," AMERICAN EXPERIENCE brings to life the compelling stories from our past that inform our understanding of the world today.

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One of the most complex and conflicted characters to ever stride across the public stage. 3:35:19 Air Date 05/08/12 Expires 02/20/15

Jesse Owens

His stunning triumph at the 1936 Olympics captivated the world and infuriated the Nazis. 52:10 Air Date 05/01/12 Expires 04/30/15

The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal connects the world's two largest oceans. 1:22:11 Air Date 04/03/12 Expires 01/23/14

Grand Coulee Dam

Grand Coulee Dam loomed large in America's imagination during the Great Depression. 1:22:10 Air Date 04/03/12 Expires 04/01/15

Triangle Fire

The deadliest workplace accident in New York's history changed American factories forever. 51:53 Air Date 03/27/12 Expires 03/01/14

Into the Deep: America, Whaling & the World

The nearly 400-year history of the American whaling industry. 1:52:13 Air Date 03/20/12 Expires 05/09/13

The Amish

An intimate portrait of contemporary Amish faith and life. 1:52:00 Air Date 02/27/12 Expires 02/27/15


Re-examining assumptions about American culture in the 1950s. 50:34 Air Date 02/13/12 Expires 02/12/15

Freedom Riders

The story behind civil rights activists who challenged segregation in the American South. 1:51:48 Air Date 02/06/12 Expires 05/16/14

Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley won fame and fortune as the little lady who never missed a shot. 50:44 Air Date 01/30/12 Expires 01/30/15

Jesse James

A product of the American Civil War, James was less heroic than brutal. 49:59 Air Date 01/30/12 Expires 01/30/15

Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp came to epitomize the marshal responsible for taming the Wild West. 53:11 Air Date 01/23/12 Expires 01/24/13

Why We Made The Abolitionists

A "transformative moment in history that stems from actions of ordinary individuals." 2:59 Air Date 01/08/13 is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its contents. This is a safe-cache copy of the original web site.