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World Premiere: "Kill, F***, Marry" by Nikki Williams

November 9, 2012 at 12:00PM By Abby Gardner | comments

We know you've all played the game Kill, F***, Marry. What group of girlfriends hasn't? So when our office music guru Sergio told us about this hot single of the same name by new artist Nikki Williams, we knew we needed to hear it immediately, if not sooner. We were not disappointed.

The 23 year-old South African native is poised to be a breakout star, even if these lyrics keep her song from being played on the radio. Bonus fact: The song was written by Sia, she of Rihanna's latest blockbuster "Diamonds" fame. And Nikki already knows about being high profile, she was briefly married to Nicolas Cage's son Weston. Oh how we'd love to have been a fly on the wall during those family dinners!

As if we weren't excited enough, the fine people at Nikki's label Island Def Jam showed us the video and we spotted a very hot, very familiar face and bod...none other than Austin Sanderson, our hot bachelor from Alabama!

Given this special connection and how much we love the song, we asked if we could give Cosmo readers the very first look. So here it is, the world premiere of "Kill, F***, Marry". Just don't play it loudly at the office...nothing gets bleeped!

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