Clinton Urges China To Learn From U.S. Mistakes

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Just back from her whirlwind visit to China, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has been and will be working with China to fight global warming.  Clinton urged China to learn from the mistakes made by the United States and Europe during industrialization, saying “we didn’t know any better” then.

The United States and China are the world’s largest carbon dioxide polluters, laying claim to about 40% of the worlds total.  However, Clinton says , “Now we are smart enough to figure out how to have the right type of growth, sustainable growth, clean energy driven growth.”

Environmental experts in China seem to be looking forward to working with the Obama administration, saying President Obama is  “… trying to take concrete action on environmental protection,”  according to a quote in China Daily from Environmental Politics Professor Zhang Haibin at Peking University.

China has already made some clean energy changes using U.S. technology.  The Taiyanggong Thermal Power Plant, in the center of the city of Beijing, used General Electric generators and other U.S. high-technology to produce this low emissions plant that provides heating in winter and cooling in summer at a rate that is reportedly %13 higher than the worlds most efficient plant.

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