Saved And Screwed By Blue Elf

Posted on January 27, 2013 at 7:58 pm by RedCherry

Akrina despaired. The year was 2311. Everyone she knew was dead, and there was nothing left living for. Finally, she just curled up in a corner of a bombed building and went to sleep, not caring if a mutant came along and killed her. But a mutant did find her, Gori of the new Elf tribe. He carried her back to one of the Fallout Shelters deep under ground and took her to the medical bay. There, he healed her of her injuries, then let her sleep. When she awoke, and he told her what he had done, and that there was 1,000′s of people living under ground she found a reason to live. And the handsome well built Elf who screwed her to multiple orgasms gave her hope of love…  Visit Got 3D Porn for more of our toon porn!

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Charity Is Saved From Zombies By CatMan

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Charity was excited, her play she wrote was rated number one. She stayed after in the theater for hours, congratulating the players.

Walking home late at night, she heard an odd noise, and found two zombies coming for her. Meanwhile, Seth had been tracking the zombies, when he saw them going after the woman. He jumped down and together they dispatched them.

He walked her home and when she wanted to see the face of her rescuer, she got a surprise as he revealed the face of a man that was half cat…

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Loving In Space

Posted on January 21, 2013 at 8:35 pm by RedCherry

A’Lona is a Bajoran who is manning the lonely outpost in Sector 15, watching for the Cardassians and any who wish to harm Bajor. Alone for months at a time, she is happy when her old lover Taly from Landri shows up and asks if he can board the ship. He walks in and greats her at the command center, pulling her into a deep hug, which she returns with passion.

The spend a little time talking, catching up and laughing when he then caresses her face and asks her if she would like to make love again like old times. He unzips her one suit and they make love on the counters, and all over the ship until they both explode in orgasm! Check out the free sample pics at Loving In Space.

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Zombie Fucks Her In A Hidden Bunker

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Abigail thinks she is safe in her hidden bunker from the horror that the world has become.

But a zombie finds the hidden room and breaks in, finding her naked and alone. But soon though, his hard cock has her thinking of sex instead of running…

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Troll Loves Dark Pussy

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it is late when Alyssa gets off work so she is scared to walk down the back alley. When she hears the sounds of something heavy running towards her, she sees a Troll. Unable to out run him, he scoops her up, and tells her he wants to fuck her, then licks her pussy. She is so excited by being caught, she groans yes, so he tears off all her clothes. Then he has her suck his monstrous cock, then ride it, stretching her innocent hole until she is screaming in orgasm!  Check out her free compressed sample pics at Troll Loves Dark Pussy, or visit Most Extreme 3D for ALL our extreme pics!

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Monsters Love Pussy

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Two different hotties are getting their pussies fucked by monsters. These monsters know where to hang out, an old portal that only is used by the local hookers. The first two double team a blonde babe and the second monster nabs a redhead. Check out their free pics at Monsters Love Pussy.

Monsters double fucking a blonde

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Monster Fucked At Abandonded Drive-In

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When Mandy got lost, she pulled into a drive-in to ask for directions when she saw a big monster coming at her. She tried to make it to the car to escape, but he caught her. When she saw his huge hard dick, she knew he wanted to fuck her, but was afraid it would not fit in her pussy. Not only did it fit, but it felt better than any human cock she had ever fucked! Check out her free monster sex pics here.

Mandy gets stuffed by a big monster dick in these monster sex pics

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Dax Makes Love To A Mermaid

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Dax had been stranded on an island by his crew and was bored out of his gourd. He decides to go for a naked swim, not knowing that he has been watched by a Mermaid. Lilith swims under him, and can’t resist reaching up and stroking his cock that is hanging down.

Startled, Dax looks to see what touched his privates and sees a beautiful sea nymph. She tells him she would like to make love to him and he wonders how they are going to manage that with her tail. But as they swim to shore, she lays in the shallows and turns into a woman with short blue hair. She starts by sucking on the huge cock she was so fascinated by, then he returns the favor by licking her to orgasm…

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Why So Serious? A Scare Turns Into Hot Sex!

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Andrea was waiting for her lover at their cabin, but it was almost midnight and she figured he wasn’t coming.

When she saw a man outside with a Joker mask, she nearly fainted. But when he took off his mask and showed it was her lover Gabriel, she was pissed.

Since it was Halloween, Gabriel had decided to play a trick, and it backfired. So he knew he had to make the night extra special. They wind up having some orgasmic sex in front of the fire! Check out all their 3D sex at Got 3D Porn.

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