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    • Lessons for 2013: successful brands of 2012 and a look ahead

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    • London's next Mayor

    • The US elections so far, and what they mean for British interests

    • Do we need the "Big Society"?

    • The Coalition one year on: what's the verdict?

    • Who tells the truth - politicians or the media?

    • Can the FIFA World Cup redefine a country and a continent?

    • Whatever happened to the Q word?

    • Creating wealth by giving it away

    • Where's the influence - Google or Murdoch?

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Custom Research Solutions

Be empowered with your own targeted research that goes deep on your challenges and big on solutions.


Data & Insight

Make your arguments stronger and decisions easier with a continuous feed of data market intelligence.



With over 350,000 panellists we can target specific attributes for customer requirements.


Know quickly

Our daily, market-leading Omnibus service gets you answers fast. In the UK, choose from 1000 people in 24 hours, or 2000 people in 48 hours. Choose from UK, Global, B2B, regional and specialist services.

Know in detail

Each SixthSense market intelligence report contains exclusive consumer research sourced from our panel. Our reports cover a range of topics, providing valuable insight into market trends.
 Don't take our word for it though, download a free report summary.

Know brands

BrandIndex tracks public perception of thousands of brands across the world every day. That's great data. Compare between brands, sectors, consumers and countries for great insight too.

Know social

A new social media analysis tool which allows you to measure what your target audience is hearing.

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