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Men in Black 3D review

Written on June 4, 2012 by katherine ramirez in action, adventure, Celebrities, comedy, fantasy, Hollywood, Movie Reviews, Movies, sci- fi, Theaters, Trailers

It’s been exacly 10 years sience the Men in black second movie was released. Back then i was an 11 years old kid with not much knowlege about the movie industry and history. All i could ask for was a movie to make me lought, and Will Smith was definitely the one that could do that! Specially because back then i was a fan of the frech prince i mean, who wasn’t , right?.

I never expected a third movie to be released ever.However, once i knew that they would make a third one i thought they wouldn’t be able to be as sucessful as they were with the first two movies. I mean, every single time producers come up with the idea of bringing back a clasic, for the new generations to dig and the old ones to fe el nostalgic about. They pretty much fail and ruin it forever! But is this the case of Men in black 3? I went to see it 3 days ago, and i was surpriced to find out this movie was just as good as the old ones were!!!! It was funny and unpredictable!! And Mr Will Smth was great in it! I didn’t get bored for a second!!!

The only thing i did not like about it was the fact that i paid a little extra because it was a 3D movie, but there were not 3D effects at all!. Plus, they are trying to make everysingle movie a 3D movie. There’s nothing cool about tat anymore!

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