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Affinity LE2459D 24" 1080p LED HDTV with Built-in DVD Player


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Just a Spoonful of TV Helps the Holidays Go Down

Hi-def enough to look great. Small enough to stash in the bathroom during family gatherings.

"Sure, Uncle Gary, I'd love to hear all about how you almost broke the bank in Atlantic City. Just as soon as I get back from the bathroom."

Whew! I thought I'd never get away from that blowhard. Now, to enjoy a little downtime with that Affinity 24" LED TV I've got stowed in the shower. Should I check in on the Cowboys game, or watch a little more of The Wire? I can't believe Odell Watkins is going to support Tommy Carcetti in the mayor's race-

Oh, great. It's occupied. If Uncle Gary hadn't gone into quite so much detail about the "foxes" he saw at his twelfth Jimmy Buffett concert, I'd probably be in there right now. Oh, well. That 1080p resolution and 170° viewing angle are worth waiting for. Besides, waiting for the bathroom counts as "doing something", right? As long as I'm standing here, I won't have to grab Uncle Gary another MGD from the cooler on the back porch.

Hey, wait a minute. What was that? Is somebody in there... watching TV? That's Snoop talking! And that's Chris! Somebody's watching my Wire DVD! (bang bang bang) "Hey, hurry it up in there! And jump back to the beginning of that episode when you're done! No spoilers!"

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