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When will students be able to see their courses in WebCT or UNM Learn?

Answer ID 2371   |    Published 04/14/2006 03:33 PM   |    Updated 11/16/2012 05:28 PM
How long does it take for my courses to appear to students in WebCT or UNM Learn?

When a student registers for a course prior to the beginning of the term, that course will not be visible in the Learning Management System (WebCT or UNM Learn) until the course is officially scheduled to begin. For most courses, this is the first day of the semester. To check course start and end dates, go to and view the live class schedule in LoboWeb. When a student registers for a course that has already started, it should only take a few minutes to appear in either WebCT or UNM Learn, depending on which system the instructor has chosen for that course, as long as the student has a UNM NetID. There may, however, be delays during high volume times (e.g., two weeks immediately before and after the start of the term).

Courses are visible to students for two weeks after the course ends.

Note: A course must also be Web Enhanced, Hybrid, or Online in order for it to be listed in WebCT or UNM Learn. This means that the Instructional Method must include 'Web Enhanced', 'Hybrid', or 'Online'. Below is an example of a start and end date (e.g., date range), and an enhanced instructional method:

Instructors: For more information on web-enhancing a course so that it will appear in either WebCT or UNM Learn, see .

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