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Saturday, June 4th, 2011

Rhiannon @
Rhiannon Bray is a fun girl, you can see that right from the start, when she takes off her panties to show her fine pussy, and slingshots them at the cameraman. After that, Rhiannon Bray cuts loose, and gets down and dirty with 2 black dicks belonging to Darren James and Julian St. Jox. Then the interracial action moves into her backyard, as she bends over and offers her squeaky tight white ass hole for some blazing interacial assfucking. These guys like to do the stuntfucks, so they proceed to DP her in their favorite positions. Nothing like interracial double penetration to spice up your day! A closeup of this action looks like a bowling ball with two black fingers stuck in it! After Darren James and Julian St. Jox obliterate both her pussy and ass, they kneel her down and feed her a double helping of interracial DNA sauce!

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Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Aurora @
BlacksOnBlondes presents Aurora Snow! Who doesn’t love this amazing little teen porn super star? Everytime we see Aurora Snow, we can’t help but think about what could have led this little daddy’s girl down the dark side to become such a craven black dick whore. Aurora Snow fucks and sucks with such teen enthusiasm, you’d think this was the first time she ever encountered a black dick! Aurora Snow takes this 2-on-1 interracial shoot in stride as she just absolutely has a blast with t huge black cock pussy wreckers Darren James and Lucky Star. After Aurora Snow has had her fill of orgasms for one day, she kneels down and displays her skill at playing the skin-flute. I’ve never seen anyone do her move of sliding both hands up and down a throbbing dick, while twisting them in opposit directions and sucking the head like she’s trying to get the last hit out of a milkshake. What an interracial sex lovin’ virtuoso!

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Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Ashley @
When you think of a British woman, you might describe her as being all prim and proper, and with a sex life you might call reserved. Ashley Long is one of those tall slender, British teen sluts that break the mold, and show the world what filthy white sluts these girls actually can be. It’s shocking when you turn one of these Brits loose on a couple of black studs and their big black cocks, and after seeing this interracial sex video, you won’t think the same way about English white pussy again. Ashley Long sucks big black dick like a fuckin’ Hoover, then takes monster black dicks in all her holes, before becoming the white middle in a double-stuffed oreo sandwich. Ashley Long likes her tea with extra cream, so she drains both big black dicks into her open mouth and swallows two huge loads of interracial cumshots!

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Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Jasmine @
Who wants to see slender, blonde hottie Jasmine Klein getting fucked to submission by 2 big black cock pussy-stickers? Who the fuck doesn’t?

This is the famous scene where Wesley Pipes first reveals his creation know as the Dick-Dog, where he pulls his sack up around his weiner, and makes it look just like an ebony hotdog in a bun. Wesley Pipes pulls this one on Jasmine Klein, and shoves it in her face proclaiming, "eat this dick-dog, eat this dick-dog"! This has the immediate effect of cracking up everyone in the room, and we had to stop until the laugh riot subsided before she does actually eat that dick-dog! After getting soundly fucked by both

dogs, Jasmine Klien gets her special sauce as they take turns coating her lips with their interracial facials!

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Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Savannah @
This scene is very near and dear to our hearts, our first gangbang! It didn’t start out that way… We had 2 scenes scheduled to shoot. One in the afternoon, and one in the evening. The first was a 2 on 1, and after being two hours late, the girl calls and tells us she wouldn’t make it. About that same time, the 3 dudes arrived for the second scene, and after more lateness, the second girl also bails. Fuck! Now we’ve got 5 black dicks, and not a wet hole in sight. We were about to call it a day, when one of the guys remembered a girl who he recently met that was strapped for cash, and said she might be willing to do a porn scene to pay the rent. So he gave her a call, omitting to tell her that this scene would actually be a gangbang with 5 very horny black dudes with big cocks. Savannah shows up and as soon as she sees what is in store for her, heads for the door. But her overdue rent bill won the day, and she finally agreed to take on all 5 big dicks, for a nice payday!

Savannah is one of the hottest babes we have ever seen, with a face like an angel, and a perfect body, big boobs, she looked more like Playboy material, than a 5 black dick gangbang slut! After taking more big dicks than she ever could imagine, Savannah asked if they could just cum on her tits. Her big tits were awesome, but sorry honey, this is Dogfart territory, she had to have the lot of them cum in her gorgeous mouth! She left completely ashamed and embarrased, but with a nice fat check to ease her pain!

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Monday, May 30th, 2011

Juliana @
Juliana Kincaid is one of our favorite white sluts, because she is so much fun to work with! Another reason is because Juliana Kincaid will do anything, including getting her tight white ass stretched, and interracial double penetration! This interracial sex video was shot before Juliana Kincaid went out and got fake big tits, so if you are a member of the itty bitty titty comittee, you will find what you’re looking for here.

If not, her ass is a marvel, so there’s something for every taste!

Juliana Kinkaid works over these lengths of meat with her wet mouth before bending and stretching to give them access to her crotch goodies- her pussy and asshole. After Juliana Kinkade sets the record for hole elasticity, she kneels and squeals as they blast her molars with super-goo and give her a massive interracial facial cumshot!

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Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Amber @
So our favorite sleazy porn agent gives us a call and says he has this hot French girl in town for a couple of days, looking to make some quick bucks. We asked what she was willing to do, "anything", he replies, so we challenged her with an interracial gangbang! Amber showed up, knowing very little English, and we just turned 6 horny black dudes loose on her milky white French bread! This interacial gangbang movie has it all, blowbang style face fucking and dick sucking, tag-team interracial fucking with black thugs crawling all over and shoving their dicks wherever they could find an opening. After savage anal sex and DP double penetrations, they finally line up and take a turn blasting her tonsils with their giant cumshots! One brotha said he hadn’t had any for awhile, and when he let loose it looked like someone had turned a cum firehose on her pretty face! How do you say "slimed" in French?

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Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Tassia @
The phrase "and now for something completely different" immediately comes to mind when talking about Tassia. This highly regarding interracial sex shoot involves a tiny munchkin with hair from a fantasy scenario. Tassia is actually less than 5 feet tall, and only weighs 78 pounds! The thought of someone this miniscule taking on a huge black dick is staggering enough, but she not only accepts this challenge, but ups the ante to 2 huge black dicks! Brian Pumper and Lucky Star are a combined 22 inches of thick, black cock! That’s almost HALF AS LONG AS SHE IS! This unique scene has her getting her mini pussy decimated time and again by these 2 huge black torpedoes, in many exotic positions. Then they both feed her a sticky load of interracial cum, which she gobbles down like a hungry sea urchin. If she had a set of wings, it would look like 2 ghetto thugs banging a fairy! This is Tassia’s ONLY porn video!!

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Friday, May 27th, 2011

Samantha @
Here at Blacks On Blondes sometimes, and it is rare , we have an interracial sex shoot and the white girl is so hot, so nice, and so professional, that it is just a joy to work with her. Samantha Sterlyng was one of our most memorable white whores! This girl just likes black dicks! Interracial sucking, interracial fucking, and eating black cum brings her to a point of sheer ectasy seldom seen in interracial porno! I was shooting second camera on this shoot, and before it was over, I wanted to get my small white dick out and join in the fun! What a hottie! Samantha Sterling takes on 3 black men, including Sledgehammer and his beer can sized black dick, as well as Tony Eveready and Billy Banks, and handles all them black cocks with ease, even though she has a petite body, a tiny ass, perky small boobs and junior-sized shaved pussy! Samantha Sterling is one of the most impressive dirty talkers around, and just listening to her responding to this mega interacial pounding will leave your white cock rock-hard! An amazing scene! A true classic of the interracial porn world!

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Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Cali @
This weeks update here at contains black cock slut superstar Calli Cox! This girl is the epitome of a white whore: Blonde, big tits, tight shaved pussy and Cali Cox loves big black cocks and, of course, interracial sex!

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Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Petra @
Petra was a Czech foreign exchange student that had never seen a black dick before! When we found out that what she really enjoyed exchanging was bodily fluids, we set her up with 3 of the biggest black dicks we could find- Sledge Hammer, Byron Long and Billy Banks to give her her final test, before heading back to her homeland. Petra had perfect Euro style big tits, and a pretty face, and although she spoke through an interpreter, we had no trouble understanding her intent. The dudes picked up on her enthusiasm, and cranked their games up a notch to match her intensity. Therein lies the problem, though…one of them was the fattest black dick around, the humongous sized sledgehammer, who is suitably named. As it happened, when Sledgehammer went into overdrive, he broke her pussy! Shit, now what? Petra wanted to ace her finals, so she volunteered to park her wrecked pussy, and suck each of them off, and eat their "sperma", as she called it with her thick accent. So she hit her knees and actually sucked each one off, as promised, and swallowed every load of black cum, and landed an "A" to take back home with her!

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Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Judy @
In this interracial xxx porno you’ll get to see stunning blue eyed blonde interracial queen Judy Star show us all how she treats black men. Like royalty! This sexy teen slut was BORN to suck and fuck big black cocks. And Judy Star did this in a public park (her idea!) during the middle of the day! After a small crowd started gathering during Judy Star’s interracial anal reaming, we told Byron Long, Domineko and Mark Anthony to hurry up and shoot their interracial cumshots on her face so we could jump in the van before the cops came. Judy Starr is one crazy interacial lovin’ whore!

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Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Aimee @
90 pound, small titties, black cock slut Aimee Tyler is a true big black dick lover… but she has a dilemma. Her husband is a black man and at first he didn’t want to give up her white booty to any other black studs. It took a while to convice him, but he finally agreed. "At least she didn’t want to fuck sissy cuckol whiteboys," he told us. So we get to watch this real life black cock slut in her first interracial gangbang. Lots of interracial DP (double penetration), interracial anal and gaping action here. You won’t believe the HUGE, THICK, MESSY INTERRACIAL FACIAL CUMSHOTS this white slut endures from multiple big black cocks. is proud to have Aimee aboard!

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Jamie Woods

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Jamie Woods @
10 years ago you would have paid $10,000 to watch a young white girl like this fuck and suck a group of ghetto niggaz. Now you can watch it for $34.99! LOL. Now that more and more white women are doing it, more and more white girls are getting the courage to admit and succumb to their dark desires for big black cocks. Now these sluts, from teen to MILF are doing it for free because they LOVE IT. If Daddy wouldn’t have been so racist, she may have stayed with her own kind! But we all know kids love to rebell. All white girls out there that want to rebell against Daddy, email us! Watch gorgeous porn slut Jamie Woods and her perfect ass, pussy and natural small tits suck and fuck three big black dicks belonging to Wesley Pipes, Tony Eveready and Julian St. Jox! Jamie Woods not only takes these three big black cocks in her mouth and pussy, she takes them all up her ass in this anal sex marathon! Lots of interracial DP here (Double Penetration).

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Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Brittini @
In this weeks BlacksOnBlondes interracial sex update we have yet another 18 year old teen white slut. Bisexual Britni told us when she was in high school she was known as the "White Cock Teaser, Black Cock Pleaser" because she only had black boyfriends. Most white girls would be ashamed but Bisexual Britni said she loved the attention this gave her. And an added bonus was the monstrous cock size of her black boyfriends. Bisexual Brittni- Every white daddy’s nightmare, every black mans dream! Bisexual Brittney even has a tattoo on her pussy that says "Black Men Only".

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