Lesbian brunettes

Hi out there, I used to be a straight gal, happy with my sex life with men. Then I noticed that, when I'm watching porn with my boy-friend, I stared more at the tits and pussies of the girls than on the dicks fucking those hot brunettes, skinny blondes, petite redheads ... So I went out in a club that's known to attract gay people and seeked out two hot brunettes, walked over to them and started talking to them. A couple of drinks later we went to their place and before long I had my tongue in the mouth of one of them and my hand in the skimpy top of the other, squeezing her perfect tits. What followed was a night of hot sex. At some point, I was so horny, it all became a blur of fingers or toys in my pussy, my tongue and hands in other pussies, rubbing tits together, sweaty skin, moaning and orgasms. Gosh, I never had so many orgasms in one night before. It was incredible! Three hot brunettes in what can only be described as one big orgy. After a few hours I was completely exhausted but then one of the girls got out some baby oil and started to rub it on the other one and on me and it got my horny again instantly. I think at one time I had a full hand up my pussy and a couple of fingers up my ass and it was absolutely great. I still walk like a cowboy but I need to do that again, as soon as possible!

Tabledance Bar

Have you girls ever been curious, what really happens in those tabledance bars? I'm not a lesbian, but the other week, when I was alone on a business trip and had some hours before my flight home, I decided to find out. So I asked the guy at the reception what the best table dance bar in town would be and went, to find out. Seems like the guy knew what he was talking about. There were hot brunettes, petite redheads, nasty blondes dancing on poles and within the blink of an eye, I knew why so many men liked to go there. As I said, I wouldn't consider myself lesbian, but boy, those hot brunettes really got me horny! So I ordered a drink and a lapdance. The incredibly cute girl seemed to be a bit surprised at first but then she sat me down and started to move her perfect round ass on my lap. She really could move! And after taking off her top, she also showed me her magnificant tits. I knew I wasn't allowed to touch them, but she rubbed them against me and even burried my face in them. I got so wet, I was afraid, I would cover the seat in my juices. Obviously my lust showed on my face, because her grin got wider and wider. I guess then came the part that wasn't quite standard: Just before she finished her lapdance, she bent over me and whispered in my ear, that I was her last customer for today and if I liked her show, she would meet me in the parking lot in 15 minutes. I couldn't say a word, but just nodded and staggered out to the parking lot, hoping nobody would see the wet patch between my legs. Sure enough 15 minutes later she met me in the parking lot and told me she lived nearby and took me home with her to finish, what she began in the tabledance bar. What she didn't tell me was, that she lived with her girl-friend, who joined us immediately. So there they were: two hot brunettes, completely nude with perfect bodies, caressing me, kissing me ... fucking me. They really knew how to push my buttons. Their fingers were gentle, where I liked them to be gentle and strang where I wanted them to be strong. It was incredible. I never dreamt of having sex with two hot brunettes at the same time. But if you get the chance: Go for it! It is so great!

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