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Premiere: Riff Raff - "Drive Thru" (Official Music Video)

Jody Highroller Rides Again

Interview - Turns Out Sky Blu from LMFAO is Fucking Awesome

He Told Us About Grabbing Madonna's Butt

Beach Fossils' Guide to UK Punk

Dustin Payseur Guides Us Through His Collection of Weathered Tapes, Seven-inches, and Records.

Fredo Santana on Chief Keef, G.B.E., and The Beatles

The Chicago Rapper Speaks Out

Gucci Mane Mixtapes, Ranked From Best to Worst

Check Our Objectively Correct List

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  • Featured
  • Phish Has Been a Band for Thirty Years Now and They Have Sucked the Whole Time

    Believe it or not, 2013 is the thirty-year anniversary of Phish, Vermont's pied-pipers of Wookie stoner trash. For snobs looking to bash a shitty band, Phish is pretty low-hanging fruit, but it's important that we never forget that this band is total awful

  • Why My Bloody Valentine's 'MBV' Has Come Too Late to Stop the End of the World

    Thanks a fucking bunch, Kevin Shields, for taking 22 years to make a record that could have saved the world.

  • The Ten Greatest Things Cam'ron has Ever Done

    Cameron Ezike Giles is 37 today and has helped progress music, fashion and human thought.

  • The Worst Successfully-Funded Band Kickstarters of All Time, Ever

    Thanks to Kickstarter, that great equalizer of crowdsourced guilt-funding, people with terrible ideas have been more able than ever to spray their garbage all over this terrible world.

  • Check Out the Photos from Our First Ever Rap Party!

    Featuring Push Montana, Fat Tony, Children of the Night, and Freddie Gibbs.

  • Chris Brown Faked His Community Service Hours, and then Complained on Instagram About People Giving Him Shit For Faking Said Community Service Hours

    There are very few people who I'm 100% comfortable calling a douchebag on the Internet. Chris Brown is one of those people.

  • How Did Pragaash, Kashmir's First All-Girl Rock Band, Ignite the Kashmiri Muslim Establishment?

    The death threats and fatwas are rolling in because Pragaash happens to play Western-style rock music, and because they happen to be women.

  • 50 Cent's "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" is Ten Years Old Today, Go Out and Punch Somebody

    You have to respect that 50 Cent did exactly what the fuck he said he was going to do, and nothing less: get rich, or die trying.


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Noisey Today

  • Listen to Wampire's Hazy Rework of Kraftwerk's "Das Modell"

    An ode to the seminal krautrock band, Wampire retains the essence of the original, but envelops the song in a tangible haze.

    2013 Feb 13 Noisey Staff New Music
  • Here's Why Ty Segall and Skrillex are the Same

    Just go with us on this one.

    2013 Feb 13 Luke Winkie Features
  • The Weirdest Rap Collaborations of All Time, Volume One

    Never forget that one time Phil Collins worked with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

    2013 Feb 13 Gabriel Herrera Features
  • Remy Banks Feat. Bodega Bamz - "GLDCHN" (Official Music Video)

    Two Noisey favorites bring yet more hot fire.

    2013 Feb 13 Noisey Staff New Music
  • CocoRosie Digs Deep with New Track, "Gravediggress"

    The tenebrous tune comes off of the duo's upcoming LP, 'Tales of a Grass Widow.'

    2013 Feb 13 Noisey Staff New Music
  • Music Video Premieres

    Riff Raff - "Drive Thru" (Official Video)

    Fashion photographer Kenneth Cappello directs the latest video from the Rap Game Dude Who Invented Rap Game Puns.

    2013 Feb 13 Music Video Premieres
  • Photos

    I Saw Swans and it Made Me Hate People

    Swans is an alone-time band. I made the mistake of going to their sold-out show.

    2013 Feb 13 Nick Gazin Photos
  • Major Jams

    If You Haven't Yet, You Should Really Get The Clap... Record

    Maybe, like AC/DC, they didn't know about the slang sexual reference that would be many people's first impression of what the band was about. I doubt it.

    2013 Feb 13 Paul Major Features
  • Premiere: Decades - Tonight Again

    We've got a brand new video from Toronto's very own Decades that you should check out if you like British-y rock music and music videos with silhouettes in them.

    2013 Feb 13 Noisey Canada New Music
  • Interview - Whoa, Turns Out Sky Blu from LMFAO is Fucking Awesome

    Sky Blu told us about how he got to grab Madonna's butt one time, and also how his grandfather just so happened to start Motown.

    2013 Feb 13 Drew Millard Features
  • Noisey Raps

    48 Hours with Action Bronson - Noisey Raps

    We ate jerk chicken, partied at the Old Blue Last pub, and shopped for sneakers with Action Bronson in London.

    2013 Feb 11 Noisey Raps
  • Music Video Premieres

    Proxy - "Raw" (Official Video)

    Here is the new video for "Raw" from Russian producer, Proxy.

    2013 Feb 13 Music Video Premieres
  • Beach Fossils' Guide to UK Punk

    Beach Fossils' Dustin Payseur guides us through his collection of weathered tapes, seven-inches, and records.

    2013 Feb 13 Dustin Payseur Features
  • Arbutus Records Puts Out Sean Nicholas Savage Cover Mix

    Wanna hear a whole bunch of musicians cover Sean Nicholas Savage? Of course you do!

    2013 Feb 12 Noisey Staff New Music
  • Never Forget Screamin' Jay Hawkins

    The OG of Voodoo Soul died thirteen years ago today.

    2013 Feb 12 Ezra Marcus New Music
  • 2 Chainz's Guest Appearance on 2 Broke Girls is Everything that is Wrong with America

    2 Chainz, 1 Shark (jumped by 2 Broke Girls).

    2013 Feb 12 Ezra Marcus Features
  • Noisey Scored Tickets to This Year's Austin Psych Fest, and We Want You to Have Them

    Seriously, where else can you see Black Mountain, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Black Angels, Black Bananas, and the Black Ryder?

    2013 Feb 12 Noisey Staff Features
  • Interview - Kool A.D. Talks Politics, Macaulay Culkin, and Beards

    Kool A.D. might not be the best rapper alive, but he is very much one of the smartest.

    2013 Feb 12 Drew Millard Features
  • Master P's Louie V Mob Just Dropped a New Mixtape

    Master P has returned to obliterate every single fuckboy from the face of the earth.

    2013 Feb 12 Noisey Staff New Music
  • Social Media Is Dead, Long Live Social Media

    How the Internet has accidentally reconfigured the way we think of music, and vice versa.

    2013 Feb 12 Bijan Stephen Features
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