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News Roundup
Psychonauts Demo!!
Blast from the Past
New concept art added
Something is Xafoot
Residual gets a second wind
By Thrik, 11 May 2009.
The Residual project has been around for a number of years now, designed to do for Grim Fandango what ScummVM did for all the SCUMM-based LucasArts adventure games: get them working on newer and alternative systems. However, for most of these years the project has sadly been neglected, moving on very little.

Keen to change things, the project has been given a fresh lease of life and now has its own website. The team is eager to get any help it can, so if you think you can contribute to the project please get over there.

As the Residual project is far from maturity, in the meantime I think it apt to remind you that the Grim Fandango Network continues to operate a support forum that has been helping people out with their Grim Fandango issues for almost a decade. Be sure to check them out for existing solutions to problems, and to bring new ones to the community's attention.

And while I'm posting news, most of you are probably aware of this but a new game by Grim Fandango designer Tim Schafer is due for release in several months: Brütal Legend. I run a website that has tonnes of information about it, and the latest trailer came out recently. Be sure to have a look — if you like one of Tim Schafer's games, chances are you'll like most/all of them.

Grim Fandango puzzle/design document released
By Thrik, 05 November 2008.
It's a serious pain to update this site at the moment (the rebuild is coming eventually), so I'll keep this short: Tim Schafer has released the puzzle/design document for Grim Fandango, which includes lots of brand new concept art and scenes/puzzles that were cut from the game. It's seriously awesome, and you should read my post about it on Mojo right now.

In other news, I recently launched BRUTAL! The Legendary Fan Site — a fan site for Tim Schafer's upcoming Brutal Legend. It's definitely a site you should be keeping your eye on if you're interested in the next game from the man behind Grim Fandango (and also Psychonauts).

Grim Fandango featured in The Escapist
By Thrik, 05 March 2008.
I'm just breaking news silence to mention that Grim Fandango has been featured in The Escapist, a very popular online magazine about gaming culture. Since it's quite rarely that Grim Fandango gets prominent exposure like this, and that a few guys from the Grim Fandango community answered some questions for the article, I figured it's worth making sure you see it.

Novelty aside, the article itself is definitely worth a read and will probably tug some nostalgia strings. It's essentially a look at the enduring love for Grim Fandango, its sales, etc. Check it out!

Things are dormant right now
By Thrik, 23 June 2006.
Hi, Grim Fandango fan! Things are going to remain quiet around here for a while. Grim Fandango news has been at a complete standstill for a very long time now, and it's almost guaranteed to remain that way. This site has well and truly fulfilled its purpose of being a central hub of Grim Fandango news.

However! The site isn't going to go anywhere, nor is it going to remain as it is. At some point during 2007 the site will be redeveloped as a museum, intended to sit on the internet for as long as humanely possible as a tribute to Grim Fandango, complete with stacks of information, exhaustive archives of everything the community's produced, and essentially anything else a fan might be interested in.

Until then, enjoy the content that's already here, check out the links page for some other Grim Fandango websites, and definitely take a peek at the still-whirring community forums.

Whoa, something new and GF-related?
By Thrik, 28 Nov 2005.
Incredibly, the total absence of any Grim Fandango news ever has been temporarily remedied with the advent of a new videogame remix album. Tributing various American composers, this little project takes a bunch of their works and then turns them into new works.

Fortunately for us, Peter McConnell's "Bone Wagon" happens to be one of the tracks remixed, although sadly the only Grim Fandango track there. In the author's own words:

"Simply put, the music from "Grim Fandango" is awesome. So awesome that it is very hard to compete with. Yet I still wanted to remix something from it. So, I took my favorite tune from the game, and - considering the story of the game is played out by skeletons - I made it sound like bones. A bass marimba, two regular marimbas, and a xylophone, to be specific. It's short, but it's cute."

Click here to have a listen. You may be interested in the other stuff, too. In wildly unrelated news, look for an announcement at the top of this page later tonight. It'll explain the deadness.

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News Roundup
By Metallus, 19 Apr 2005. Comments (0)
Yes, it's more non-Grim Fandango news for you, but we think it's possibly stuff you'd care about. Also, we're thirsty for news posting. Firstly, of course: Tim Schafer's new game, Psychonauts is totally out in the US, so you should buy it. Congrats to the Double Fine team (made up of Tim and a lot of other people who made Grim possible) on completing their first title, one that promises to be a fun and unique game. I mean, I played it...

Second: Double Fine has put up a sexy company store with the ability to buy signed copies of Psychonauts, the soundtrack for the game, plus loads of extra knicknacks, many of them wearable (except for the strategy guide). I wish this had existed during the days when GF was first coming out.

Third: I do not run Tim Fandango. That's Moosferatu and he deserves all the credit.

Fourth: In other network news, Nightlight Productions has loads of new stuff up, and more on the way. Go listen!

Seventh: What the hell is up with this site, anyway? It will be seven years old this July. How long can a Grim Fandango site last, anyway? Tim's already got a newer-type game out and everything. Maybe we'll have the answers soon.

Psychonauts Demo!!
By Metallus, 11 Apr 2005. Comments (0)
It's been a bit slow around here! Hopefully you're all aware that Psychonauts, Tim Schafer's first game since Grim Fandango, will be released in the US in about a week!! Anyway, this is just an update to bug you about downloading the demo for Psychonauts, which surfaced earlier today. For details and download locations, check out our own Thrik's Psychonauts site,, or our festive host, The International House of Mojo.

Blast from the Past
By Thrik, 07 Mar 2005. Comments (0)
Another item from the Grim Fandango Network's older days has been retrieved from the dark, vast Archives o' the Undead, and added to the menu. Originally featured on our old hosted site, Glottis' Garage, the much-loved Grim Fandango Comic is back.

Well, not quite. The artist hasn't returned from his presumably luxurious cartoonist lifestyle or anything, but the six issues he created before ceasing development are now available for enjoyment. If you saw them back when they were hot, then it's sure to be a nice little memento of the past. If not, then you're in for a treat!

So, be sure to check them out. You can expect more older content to be reintroduced as time goes on (though I'm sure you can understand, with other responsibilities such as Razputin's Domain, it won't be instantaneous), as well as the completion of certain existing sections which are well overdue now.

New concept art added
By Thrik, 06 Mar 2005. Comments (0)
Submitted by a very helpful guy on our forums, a new piece of concept art has been added to the bottom of the gallery. It was featured on the cover of a magazine, although quite what scene in the game it's supposed to represent I'm not 100% sure of. Be sure to thank N3mo for scanning it in for us.

Something is Xafoot
By Thrik, 23 Feb 2005. Comments (0)
Somebody over on Deviant Art has made a really funky flash animation to go along with ye olde Rusty Anchor song. Check it out here, for it is surely a treat. is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its contents. This is a safe-cache copy of the original web site.