More than a helpdesk.

Sure we’ve got a kick ass helpdesk that’s going to save your team a lot of time (and configuration). But we’re also going to give you something you can’t get from sitting behind your helpdesk: insight.

User feedback combined with support gives you the positive feedback loop that companies need and consumers expect.

Join the 110,000+ organizations in over 170 countries that rely on UserVoice.

  • Feedback Forums

    Understand users so you can build better products.

  • Support Tickets

    Give great support with the system that supports you too.

  • Knowledge Base

    Help users instantly and reduce requests.

Be customer intelligent.

Smart companies know that getting feedback from users is essential. But listening isn’t enough. You need tools to understand what your users want and why. Because building a better product isn’t just what you put into it. It’s what your users get out of it.

Put users on a pedestal.

UserVoice believes in building intuitive solutions that help you focus on providing great support—without all the stuff you don’t need. Because customer support is about your customers, not your software.

Know better.

Don’t waste your good mojo on a system that forces users to dig for answers—make your knowledge base work for you. Respond faster and even answer questions before users contact you with a system that gives them the information they need whenever they need it.

So easy to get feedback from your users: just type and vote…

… no sign in required.

Users can give feedback with just a name and email.

Works great for 100 or 100,000.

Never have to collate emails or a spreadsheet again. Users self-organize. The power of crowdsourcing. It’s no extra work for you.

… and saves your support team time.

By keeping product feedback out of your support inbox. Contributes to the up to 40% reduction inbound requests thanks to Instant Answers.

Keep 1,000s in the loop with a single click.

Responding to feedback is as easy as getting it. Post a single status update and have it seen by all the supporters of an idea. Status updates are a great way to keep your user base in the loop on new developments without sending out lots of 1:1 emails.

… or communicate en masse more discretely.

Want to get feedback on beta functionality? Or just not quite ready to publicly announce something. Send a direct email message to 1000’s of voters at once.

You’re in control of your brand…

Our design tools mean your users won’t even know they’re no longer on your site.

… and your audience.

Private forums and moderation tools mean you have control of who and what ends up in your forum.

Users can contact you via email…

You can forward in as many email addresses as you like and use rules to route them to the right people.

… or via our widget (or iOS plugin).

Which allows you to collect useful contextual information (page, browser, any custom fields you define) and also saves you time with our Instant Answers tech.

Simple and clean UI makes replying to tickets easy…

All the simplicity of a shared inbox with the robustness of a system to prevent issues from falling through the cracks.

… Inspector makes it even easier

Now you can see who a user is on the social web and to your company without opening a single tab. Configurable and easily extensible to your own internal systems.

Kudos make it fun.

Create friendly competition and, more importantly, a sense of accomplishment amongst your agents.

Responses make it look human.

No one wants to feel like they’re just a number. Your replies to tickets look like direct emails, no ticket #, no “reply above this line”. Just humane conversation.

… saves your product team time.

Easily convert support issues that end up in your forum into tickets for private 1:1 follow-up.

And helps you see the forest from… whatever’s down there.

Know quickly what types of issues are trending up so you can react.

Settings make it powerful.

Queues, saved searches, automated actions, etc. all mean that this system is simple enough for a two guys and a dog but robust enough for a multi-team environment.

Simple editor makes it easy to maintain your KB…

Importing tools make it even easier.

… or build as you go.

Create KB articles from ticket responses.

Embed videos and images into your articles…

Because who wants a wall of text.

… that even works in the widget.

Complete support without ever leaving your site.

… or in ticket responses.

Drop in knowledgebase articles into ticket responses to save time.

Know why you’re putting in the effort.

You’re in control of your brand.

Our design tools mean your users won’t even know they’re no longer on your site.


Spend less time tackling tickets.

Help users instantly and reduce support and other requests up to 40% with Instant Answers™. Learn more.

Spend less time on the legwork.

Save 1.5 minutes on every support ticket with UserVoice Inspector. Learn more.

Spend less time building bridges.

Instantly re-engage hundreds or even thousands of users with a single click Learn more.

  • Spend less time tackling tickets.
  • Spend less time on the legwork.
  • Third

No matter where users go, there you are.

Plays nice with others.

Integrate your favorite tools, even those you already use, to make the most of our platform and your workflow. Learn more at

Join over 110,000 organizations
across 170 countries in 43 languages.

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Who uses UserVoice?

Support Managers

Ensure quality experiences. Learn how our support manager uses UserVoice to empower his teams to keep customers happy.

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Community Managers

Create meaningful connections. Find out how UserVoice gives our community manager greater control to collect feedback and manage the ideas they care about most.

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Product Managers

Build better products. Our product manager shows you how UserVoice helps her collect feedback and understand users’ needs to drive better product decisions.

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Great vibes at the @uservoice office, particularly the bike and the freshly popped popcorn smells…

— Cara Harshman (@CaraHarshman) January 22, 2013
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Wow, Crittercism + Uservoice make a great combo for mobile dev. Love being able to see live crash logs!

— Sam Oakley (@Sam_Oakley) January 18, 2013

@uservoice @hipchat @tweetdeck Thank you for helping us provide great customer support and stay lean!

— LaunchRock (@LaunchRock) January 9, 2013

I'm loving @uservoice. The best part is being able to get feedback from users and have all other users vote on

— Andrew Frahm (@andrew_frahm) January 14, 2013

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