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Finding Perfect Pants for Your Body Type

Find a pair that fits

By Ingrie Williams

In this article:

  • Find a pair that fits
  • Wide bottom, hips or legs
  • Short legs
  • Boyish figure
  • Hourglass figure
  • Large mid-section

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Let’s face it – shopping for a pair of well-fitting pants doesn’t exactly rank high on the favorite-things-to-do list. But what if you knew nabbing the perfect pair would not only boost your mood, but change the appearance of your lower half? Impossible you say? Think again. The secret lies in knowing your body and what looks best on it.

Body type: long legs

Your challenge: Making the most of your height

The best pants for you: From slim cuts to wide-leg versions, you can wear almost any style of pant you like. Length is your        biggest concern – keep hems a half inch off the ground for maximum impact. When you find a well-fitting pair you like, inspect the inner hem to see if there’s enough fabric turned in that could be let down by a tailor. Specialty shops for taller gals are always a good shopping bet.

Dress them up: Balance your proportions with contrasting shapes. If you’re wearing slim-cut pants, pair them with a boxy jacket;  if you’re going with wide-leg pants, try a fitted top.

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